Beach Huts Biz or Pleasure

Beach Huts Biz or Pleasure

Beach Huts

Selling? Biz or Pleasure?

Should you sell your beach hut to a friend, family member or neighbour?  This is when the age-old discussion about ‘mixing business with pleasure’ comes into the frame.   If you spend lots of time with your family and friends at YOUR beach hut, then it sounds as though you have a very healthy social life.  But if, suddenly, life changes, and you decide to sell your precious beach hut,  then proceed with caution if you decide to sell to one of your social set.  Mixing business with pleasure doesn’t always go smoothly.  So, in my blog today, let’s explore the reasons behind why I tackle the question of whether selling beach huts is a business or pleasure decision.  Later in my series, I offer a hybrid solution.

An off-hand comment like ‘I’m thinking of selling my beach hut!’ may elicit a chorus of interest from your nearest and dearest. ‘I’ll have it!  I’ve always wanted a beach hut! You won’t have to pay any third party fees!’  And of course, excitement increases for both parties, and before you know it, you’ve agreed the purchase price, ‘shaken’ on the deal, and promise to complete really quickly!

Warning: mixing business and pleasure together can create tension, disappointment and a falling out if things don’t go as well as both parties anticipated.

Beach Hut Biz or Pleasure

It’s one thing to share your beach hut, social occasions and events with your friends and family.  Having fun, a casual get-together in the summer evenings, blissful conversations, carefree laughs and a few drinks.  But selling your hut to one of your in-crowd, may not be quite as smooth.  Have you considered how difficult it might be to negotiate with a friend?  He’ll possibly want ‘mate’s rates’, you’ll maybe want market value (less what you would have paid for an agent’s commission!).

My Top Tips for Selling your Beach Hut to Friends and Family

Set the boundaries by negotiating and agreeing

  1. the price
  2. the timeframe of selling
  3. what’s included in the price
  4. will the arrangement of sharing the keys with friends and family be reciprocated once your friend/family member is handed the keys on completion
  5. what to do if one of the parties changes their mind.

Once you’ve set the boundaries, it should be a smooth journey.

In my next blog I consider the drawbacks of selling to family and friends and reasons why when it comes to beach huts and mixing business with pleasure, think twice.