Pricing your Beach Hut

Pricing your Beach Hut

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Pricing your Beach Hut

Generally, the first question a Beach Hut owner asks when thinking about selling his/her beach-hut is, “How much is is worth?’ You’ve heard the expression the value of a property is ‘Whatever someone is prepared to pay for it …’ which roughly translates into – dependent on market supply and demand.  In other words, pricing your beach hut is in the eyes of the beholder and other market factors.

You may have bought your beach hut years ago, perhaps for £2,000 – £9,000.  In 2012, our research shows the majority of beach huts in Brighton & Hove fetched around the £9,000 mark.  In between times, you’ve paid your annual licence fee to Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC), carried out DIY or professional maintenance, covered insurance costs.  Maybe there were years when you hardly used your beach hut, due to other responsibilities.  One of the overriding reasons for selling a beach hut is when children become teenagers, and decide to do their own thing!  Maybe you’re thinking of selling because you’re moving out of area.

Beach Hut Prices

So, where do you start?  The market has moved on since 2012 with Brighton & Hove’s beach huts now selling for between £18,000 – £25,000.  Naturally location and condition are a major factor in the pricing scheme.  Potential buyers need to have confidence in the asking price to express an interest in viewing.  Maybe they are looking for a particular beach hut near Hove Lagoon or Hove Lawns for regular visits as their children grow up.  Some buyers are looking to be able to take their grandchildren to our magnificent beaches and prom, during high-days and holidays.

Beach Hut Worth

The property portals provide a useful gauge of what your Beach Hut could be worth.  A professional agent with years of experience can give a more accurate and realistic assessment of its real value. Callaways’ Beach Hut Department provides free, no-obligation Beach Hut appraisals.  We also help with navigating through Anti Money Laundering, BHCC documentation, progressing your beach hut sale and, of course, handing over the keys to your excited buyers.

Property on the Prom Appraisals

Our appraisal is very straight forward.  This is how it goes:

  1. Meet at your Beach Hut at a pre-arranged time (hopefully the sun will be shining.  We have many fond memories of sheltering in the beach hut while a storm passes by!).
  2. Our half-hour appointment is in order to see the general condition of your Beach Hut
  3. Find out why you’re selling, and the story behind your property on the prom (this can make owners emotional as they remember all the fun times with family and friends. Some beach huts have been in the same ownership for over 40 years)
  4. We discuss the current beach hut market
  5. Pricing is the final item.  Beach Hut prices can vary depending on location, and amenities available. By amenities, we mean cafes, toilets, showers, steps to the beach, dog friendly beach-huts, life-guard stations etc.  Then we can advise you on its potential ‘value’, anything you can do that will enhance its current value, and what we recommend as a marketing strategy that will help sell your Beach Hut effectively.

Currently beach huts in Brighton & Hove are valued between £18,000 – £25,000.  Do you want to know how much yours is worth? To book a free Beach Hut valuation with us call 01273-735237 or email 

REMEMBER – You must hold your Beach Hut Licence for 3 years before you are able to transfer.

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