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Property Management is a service we provide to look after our Landlord’s property on his or her behalf. This is carried out in accordance with the agreed and contractually binding Terms of Business between the Landlord and Callaways Letting Agents. We are based in Central Hove and we manage both freehold properties and leasehold apartments in Brighton & Hove.

Property Management includes ROUTINE MANAGEMENT, such as general maintenance and repairs to the likes of dripping taps, replacing the Landlord’s broken white goods, and ensuring that the tenant fulfils their obligations and liabilities under the terms of the tenancy agreement. Property Management may also include NON-ROUTINE MANAGEMENT, including refurbishments, re-roofing, insurance claims etc. for which additional fees may be levied, as gathering quotes and managing contractors can be very time consuming.

Property Management FAQs

Where do we Property Manage?

Our Property Management services cover Brighton & Hove through to Worthing & Arundel.

What does a Property Manager do?

We’re often asked this question, and our Property Managers are very busy people – often out on appointments making property visits, or regularly on the phone arranging for contractors to call on properties or arranging quotations.

Our Property Managers have specific responsibilities which are outlined here:


Our Property Managers work closely with our Lettings Managers to ensure our Landlord’s property will let quickly.  Property Managers get under the skin of a property, and can make helpful suggestions to the Landlord – to preserve the fabric of the property, and to retain Tenants.


Our Property Managers are responsible for the physical management of the property, including regular maintenance and emergency repairs, annual Gas Safety and compliance checks.

  • Maintenance – property management includes the performance of preventative property maintenance to keep the Landlord’s property functioning to an optimum level
  • Repairs – when there is an issue our Property Managers organise with our approved contractors e.g. plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc for quotations to be obtained, authorised by our Landlords and then carried out


Our Property Managers are qualified ARLA Propertymark Members (MARLA) and attend regular workshops and seminars to update their skills on legislation.


Property Management includes responsibility for managing our Landlords’ budgets for repairs and maintenance and for keeping records.

  • Managing the budget – in emergency situations when Tenants or others or the property itself is in danger, our Property Managers may use their discretion to order repairs
  • Maintaining Records – thorough records are kept regarding quotations, income, expenses, property inspections, maintenance requests, records of repairs, costs of repairs, insurance costs.

How much does Property Management cost?

Fees vary dependent on location, and the amount of repairs and maintenance required on a property.  Generally fees are 8-12% of the monthly rent, which often equates to less than £3 per day.

For details of our Tenant Find plus Fully Managed service, contact us on or call 01273 735237.

Why do I, as Landlord, need a Property Management service

Your circumstances will depend on whether you need, or would like a property manager to look after your rental properties.  Consider the following, which is not an exhaustive list:

a) Do I have the time to manage my own property?

b) Do I live in the same area and have easy and quick access in case of an emergency

c) Am I organised enough to remember to book the Annual Gas Safety checks?

d) Do I feel competent to carry out myself, or instruct a professional company to carry out the Inventory, Check In, Check Out, remember to take meter readings?

e) Do I go away on business or holiday for many weeks of the year? If so, who will look after my property and tenant whilst I’m away?

f) Do I feel confident in handling potential disputes with my Tenant – over repairs, the deposit, complaints about noise, non payment of rent?

g) Am I able to deal with evening and emergency calls from my Tenant?

Property Visits – The Essentials

An essential part of the Property Manager’s responsibilities is carrying out regular visits to the Landlord’s property.

Tenants are liable for any damage to the property, which includes failing to report a problem in a timely manner. Damage may occur during working hours or outside working hours – Callaways Lettings Team provide telephone numbers for Tenants to call and report such incidences.

Landlords may be under the false impression that when keys are handed to their agent, the agent is fully responsible for the property. Unless a separately drafted agreement has been drawn up when the property is empty, management only comes into play once a tenancy is live. Landlords can enquire about our empty property services if this is required.

Callaways Property Managers carry out visits for Landlords on our Full Management Service only. Landlords will otherwise need to carry out their own property visits.

A strict schedule is followed to ensure we identify potential areas of disrepair and damage, which sometimes means bringing areas of concern to our Property Manager’s attention which the Tenant has not identified.  Our inspections cover:

  • Kitchen – taps, sink pipework and base units for water damage and leaks
  • Bathroom – taps on basins, bath, pipework for possible leaks; shower cubicles for signs of water ingress
  • Extractor fans – maintenance checks to ensure they work correctly to reduce the risk of condensation
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms – for the safety of Tenant and the property
  • Window Blinds – for compliance


We encourage Tenants to report maintenance issues as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Much of property management is about using common sense, coupled with a knowledge of contractual and statutory obligations of all parties.

Before calling out a contractor to take care of property maintenance issues, Callaways Property Managers check the following:

  1. Are we dealing with this property (if it is a Tenant Introduction Only property, the Landlord is the point of contact)
  2. Who is liable for the repair?
  3. Is the Landlord covered under their insurance?
  4. Is the item which is not working covered under a guarantee or warranty?
  5. Is there a service contract in place which covers repairs i.e. British Gas Homecare?
  6. Is this a repeat fault; has it been recently attended to by a contractor?
  7. Does a contractor need to visit?
  8. Is the Tenant’s request justified?
  9. Does Callaways Property Manager need to seek the Landlord’s authority?*
  10. Has the Landlord provided funds to carry out the repair (i.e. by setting up a reserve/floating fund)?
  11. Does the Tenant have recourse to an Instruction Manual?

*To comply with Contractual and Statutory Repairing Obligations under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (ss 11, 13) a Landlord’s responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the structure and exterior of the property;
  • Dealing with water, electricity and gas supply issues;
  • Maintaining appliances and furniture supplied by the Landlord;
  • Carrying out the majority of repairs

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance can prove expensive.  Before you even start, consider the following:

a) Obtaining Consents

b) The Building/Property (Freehold & Leasehold)

c) Income streams x 2

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