Selling Your Beach Hut

Selling Your Beach Hut

“Selling your Beach Hut”

Preparing your Beach Hut

You’ve heard the expression, the value of a property is ‘Whatever someone is prepared to pay for it …’ .  This roughly translates into, ‘How many people are looking to buy a beach hut at the moment?’ The other side of the coin is, ‘How many are already on the market?’  This equally applies to your ‘property on the prom’.  When you first decide to put your Beach Hut on the market, you need to find out what it is actually worth. This is important so potential buyers have confidence in the asking price.  Too high, and you’ll either have lots of low offers or few enquiries, too low, and you could end up with lots of purchasers hoping to make a bargain buy! So when selling your Beach Hut, preparation is the key.  You need an accurate and realistic assessment of its real value.

How much is my Beach Hut worth?

Our Beach Hut specialist will arrange to meet you at your Beach Hut.  Hopefully the sun will be shining!  Appointments normally last between half an hour to 45 minutes.  During this time we’ll make a visual inspection of your Beach Hut, and ask questions about its history.  We’ll ask about your time-scale for selling i.e. you may be selling because you’re moving out of area.  We’ll also let you know the current Beach Hut market situation, and give you price comparisons of similar Beach Huts within the locality.

Beach Hut prices vary depending on location, amenities available and condition.  We will let you know what will help to sell it quicker, improve its potential value, or enhance its current value.  Lastly, we will recommend our marketing strategy to help sell your Beach Hut in your preferred timescale.

An important point to remember is that you must hold your Beach Hut Licence for 3 years before you are able to transfer it to a new owner.

Callaways have sold Beach Huts for many, many years.  Some Brighton & Hove residents still recall the model Beach Hut we used to have outside our office in Church Road, Hove.
Clients appreciate our authority on the local market and straight talking advice when it comes to Beach Huts.

So you’ve taken the plunge, and you’ve decided to put your Beach Hut on the market.  You can help your sale go through quicker by preparing in advance.

TOP TIPS for a Sale

  1. Supply all documentation as quickly as possible
  2. Answer all questions honestly and carefully to provide your buyers with the right information
  3. Continue to keep your ‘property on the prom’ fully insured
  4. Let us know if you receive any notices that affect the property from any authority
  5. Continue to pay any bills relating to your Beach Hut until after you have transferred your Licence
  6. Make sure you’ve paid any outstanding contractors bills e.g. for painting, carpentry etc

Beach Hut Community

With over 450 beach huts along the Hove coastline, there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved with the Beach Hut Community.

Join Hove Beach Hut Association  for photos, pictures and news of these iconic, much-loved Hove icons.

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