Beach Huts For Sale

Beach Huts For Sale

“Hove Beach Huts”

Beach Huts For Sale

Beach Huts – summers of seaside memories!  We affectionately call them ‘properties on the prom’.  Buyers are now asking, “Do you have any Beach Huts for Sale?”  You can find out here.  Not all beach huts find their way to being advertised as we often have buyers waiting in the wings.

If you’re selling, you’ll want to know how the current value of your Beach Hut is assessed.  You’ve heard the expression “the value of a property is whatever someone is prepared to pay for it …” which roughly translates into – dependent on market supply and demand.  The same goes for beach huts.  Prices tend to fluctuate on the location and condition of the beach-hut.

For Sale

Brighton & Hove City Council does not permit ‘For Sale’ (or ‘To Let’) board on your beach hut – this is in contravention of the Terms of owning a Beach Hut Licence.  Some owners place their own ‘For Sale‘ flyer on the front of their hut.  This action is contrary to the terms and conditions.

Find out your Beach Hut’s value before putting it on the market.  Potential buyers need confidence in the asking price.  Property websites may be useful to gauge an estimation of what your Beach Hut could be worth.  A professional agent who has experience and regularly sells huts will give a more accurate and realistic assessment of its real value.  The agent will also carry out Money Laundering checks to ensure a safe sale.

You can also sell your beach-hut privately.

Callaways’ Beach Hut Department are happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation Beach Hut appraisal.

Beach Hut Appraisal

In the first instance, we will arrange to meet you at your Beach Hut at a time that suits your needs (hopefully the sun will be shining!).  Appointments will typically take half an hour.  We’ll carry out a visual inspection of your Beach Hut, and ask you various questions about its history and maintenance programme.  Firstly, we like to understand your timescale for selling.  Secondly, we’ll talk about the current market situation, and prices of similar Beach Huts within the area.  Thirdly, we’ll outline a plan of action.

Your Beach Hut price depends on location ie Hove Lawns, Hove Lagoon and in between.  In addition, the available amenities, such as cafes, showers, taps, steps to the beach play their part. This will help us to advise you on its potential value, anything you can do that will enhance its current value, and what we recommend as a marketing strategy that will help sell your Beach Hut effectively.

You cannot transfer your Beach Hut Licence until after a minimum of 3 years.  Book a free Beach Hut valuation with us.

Beach Huts are US

Why should you choose us? We have unrivalled experience and advice on selling Beach Huts.  Some Brighton & Hove residents will recall the model Beach Hut we used to have outside
our office in Church Road, Hove.  To be fair, it looked more like a dog kennel and sadly, it’s no longer there.  Nevertheless, it still holds a special place in our hearts.

Call us on 01273 735237 or email for beach-hut friendly advice.