Beach Hut Private Sales

Beach Hut Private Sales

Your Beloved Beach Hut – Agent or Private Sale?

Beach Hut Private Sales

Many beach hut owners ask me, “Should I instruct an agent to sell my beach hut?” What they’re really asking is, “Can it really be that difficult to sell privately?” In which case, can it be so difficult to value your own beach hut?  My article today is on Beach Hut Private Sales to give you time to make up your mind on whether to go it alone, or instruct an agent.

Of course, both are viable solutions.  The answer very much depends on how busy you are.  Do you have the time to conduct viewings, form-fill for Brighton & Hove Council requirements, and present your property on the prom?  Are your negotiating skills up to scratch?  Are you confident that money isn’t being laundered through the purchase of your property on the prom?  Agents have to conduct in-depth checks under Anti Money Laundering legislation and seek the provenance of the funds of the purchaser to rule out this possibility.

You are able to access various portals on which to promote your beach hut.  You can advertise on sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and .  The agent has access to the major property portals – Rightmove, Prime Location, Zoopla and On the Market in addition to those mentioned.  Almost all buyers (approx. 93% at last count) look online to start their property search, often browsing a couple of portals, then simply calling the relevant agent to book a viewing on a property they like.

Beach Hut Advice

Our dedicated team has been selling beach huts for donkeys’ years.  At certain times of the year, we generally have a list of waiting clients – who may be willing to pay extra to get their foot through the double doors of your beach hut.

Is there any point these days in instructing an agent? The short answer is ‘YES’ and ‘NO’, depending on your circumstances.

Consider how it looks to a buyer if you, as the seller, are selling privately. Desperate to save fees or commission perhaps? In need of an urgent sale? This could have the effect of generating some very low offers from those buyers looking for a bargain.  Genuine buyers may stay away completely, fearful of being stuck with a property on the prom that they themselves can’t sell when the time comes.

Beach Hut Selling Costs

Finally, there’s the question of cost. If you instruct an agent, depending on the type of agency agreement you have, you’ll either pay an agency commission, or perhaps a fixed fee (which may, or may not include VAT at 20%).  When you sell privately, you tend not to cost in your time, phone calls, emails, travel and disruption to your daily schedule!

When you decide to sell your beach hut, my advice is to choose your agent very carefully.  Focus your efforts on making that relationship work. Ultimately it will serve you well and give out the right signals to instil buyer confidence. So pick slow, pick wisely, and nurture your relationship so that your agent is motivated to get the best result for you.

If you haven’t yet selected your agent, or you’re not getting the kind of helpful attitude you were hoping for, we’d be happy to hear from you.  We’ll arrange to visit your hut and help you plan your sales strategy.

For beach hut advice, sales and purchase, call 01273 735237 or for a no-obligation chat.