Beach Hut Fever

Beach Hut Fever

“Beach Hut Fever”

Record requests for Beach Huts

The weather is hotting up, and a somewhat slow start to the year of sales of beach huts has turned into a fever pitch.  I’m getting record requests for beach huts in Brighton & Hove this spring and moving into summer.  What’s it all about, this sudden beach hut fever?

Apart from many of us suffering the effects of cabin fever from being unable to go anywhere for months, we were expecting a summer spent ‘at home’ enjoying a staycation.  Foreign travel seemed to be off limits.  Beach hut owners were preparing for their own staycation on the prom.  And suddenly, BOOM!  News stories on the radio, national newspapers and the internet, were regaling us with stories of supersonic prices for beach huts.  Far more supersonic than the planes which weren’t taking us to far flung locations for R+R.

And, naturally, with a shortage of beach huts for sale, prices have rocketed.

Beach Hut Supply and Demand

Whether we’re talking ‘gold, fine wines or a classic car’, the delicate balance between supply, demand and exclusivity drives up the value.  So our humble 6′ x 6′ beach hut (which in essence, and forgive me for saying this, is a ‘shed’) fits the bill.  By the way, I really LOVE beach huts, and won’t have anything said against them!  They give priceless memories of days at the beach, meeting new friends, and all the benefits of the sea air.

But now, as we come out of lockdown, and the traffic light system of holidays abroad beckons, what will happen to the price of beach huts?  Unless Brighton & Hove City Council suddenly announces the construction of many more beach huts on the promenade, or a new construction similar to The Palm in Dubai, to satisfy the apparent need of would-be beach hutters, then the supply side will continue to underdeliver.

My Five Top Tips before buying a beach hut

1. Think ‘long-term’

Are you simply jumping on the bandwagon?  Do you have FOMO (fear of missing out) on the latest ‘trend’? Consider what LTV (life time value) you will gain from owning your beach hut.  What does ‘life-time’ mean?  If you intend to buy because you have small children, little ones grow up, become teenagers, and are then unlikely to want to join you at the beach hut.  Brighton & Hove City Council impose a three-year commitment to the licence.  So you have to really want a hut in all seasons, pay the annual licence fee and deal with all the storm and salty sea air damage for a minimum of 36 months.

2. Choice – location or condition

We are all aware of the adage ‘location, location, location’.  If there are things about a location that you want, such as being close to toilets or a café, or near the playground and paddling pool of Hove Lagoon for children or grandchildren, then don’t worry about the condition of the hut.  The cost to totally rebuild a beach hut is around the £3,000 to £3,500 mark.  Having your beach hut custom designed internally with storage, shelving and flooring may be much more to your liking than what you bought.

3. Extra costs

As well as the cost of the beach hut, you are committed to paying the annual licence fee (around £460 in Brighton & Hove), insurance (around £300) and then maintenance and repairs, which can cost between £500-£1,000 a year, unless you can carry out your own DIY repairs to a good standard.

4. Best bargains are ‘out of season’ 

It’s true to say that prices are crazy right now with offers coming in way over the asking price.  I’m sure this is down to the ‘school holidays are on the horizon and what are we going to do to amuse the kids all summer?‘  That’s simply the law of supply and demand.  A good time to buy is early in January or February.  This is when owners see the Annual Licence Fee date looming, and make the decision that, not having used the hut for months, now is the time to sell.  It’s also the time when winter weather has caused damage to property – which needs fixing!

5. Any other costs?

Some owners will include the annual licence fee in the price of the beach hut when selling, or at least a proportion of the remaining months.  Owners must pay an administration fee to BHCC to transfer the licence.  However, you don’t need a solicitor to complete the sale.  It’s a quite straightforward process, but can take some weeks from start to finish.  Having said that, we’ve completed 2 beach hut sales within 7 days with the cooperation of the busy Seafront Office.

Are you thinking of selling your beach hut?  Call for my over-the-phone valuation on 01273 735237. Or email me