Beach Huts Selling Prep

Beach Huts Selling Prep

“Beach Huts Brighton & Hove”

Selling Prep – documents and information

OK, so let’s get this straight – a beach hut is a ‘property on the prom’, not a garden shed!  When you sell your property on the prom, you need to do some initial selling prep – documents and information, ready for the parties involved in the sale.  This will help the sale go through quicker and smoother.

Generally, you do not have to appoint a solicitor in the sale of a Beach Hut.  However, your buyer may wish to instruct a specialist Solicitor to look over and advise on the licence terms and conditions.

When selling your property on the prom, Callaways undertakes to:

  • complete certain paperwork
  • carry out ID checks on seller and buyer, in addition to Anti Money Laundering checks
  • submit the various, relevant documents to Brighton & Hove City Council

You can sell your Beach Hut privately and manage the sale from start to finish yourself.  However, as Estate Agents we carry out additional checks on Anti-Money Laundering to keep you safe.

Before launching into selling, refer to Brighton & Hove City Council’s Terms and Conditions of owning a Beach Hut – you will note you have to hold your licence for a minimum of 3 years before reselling.

You are required to complete and sign: ‘Application for Change of Ownership/Transfer of Licence for Beach Hut Number …’ which will be countersigned by your Buyer.

Helpful Documents:

  1. Beach Hut Building Invoice – If you’ve placed a new Beach Hut (with the necessary approvals) on the site, provide the purchaser with evidence.  This gives confidence to the purchaser that all is in order and that this has been done legally, professionally, and with approval
  2. Council tax and insurance details – really useful for potential buyers to estimate running costs
  3. Proof of identification and residency – You are legally required to produce these documents.   Therefore, we will ask for a copy of your identification documents (passport, driving licence etc.) in addition to proof of your residency (council tax or utility bill, HMRC documents etc)
  4. EPC Certificates – you do not need to hold an EPC for Beach Huts
  5. Freehold or Leasehold?Licence actually … Brighton & Hove City Council grants the beach hut licence and you can find lots of useful information relating to looking after your Beach Hut including Terms & Conditions, annual licence fee etc.
  6. Invoices – for repairs, improvements etc. This will give confidence to your buyer of the soundness of your property on the prom.

Our specialist Beach Hut Department can answer your questions whether you’re selling or buying.  Of course, if you’re thinking of selling your ‘property on the prom‘ we’d be happy to talk to you about getting the best price at any time of the year.

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