Estate Agents Generate Offers

Estate Agents Generate Offers

“What Estate Agents do – Generate Offers”

Estate Agents Generate Offers

One of the most important aspects of your Estate Agent’s role is not only to negotiate a price (or ideally secure the full asking price of course) but actually to generate an offer in the first place!  Too many Agents simply see themselves as people who show buyers around property, hoping that an offer will be forthcoming as a result.  It probably won’t! Estate Agents generate offers to take a sale to the next stage.

Purchasing a property is a big decision.  Even if a buyer prefers your property to all the others he has seen, he may still feel reluctant to progress to the offer stage.  It can appear “safer” to keep looking – just in case he misses out on an even better property!

Buyer’s Offer Decision

A responsible Agent understands this and sees himself as a facilitator whose role it is to help the buyer make the right buying decision.  The decision should be genuinely in his best interests, which, without the Agent’s involvement, the buyer might otherwise have had difficulty making.  The Agent will then use various techniques, including the use of open, closed, leading and closing questions to help the buyer arrive at that decision himself and generate an offer.

The Agent additionally understands “buyer remorse”, which is that niggling doubt in the back of the buyer’s mind that they might have made the wrong decision, and can prepare them for this.

Generate Offers

Of course, there is also a lot of skill in assessing the strength of the offer and whether to recommend acceptance.

  1. Do the buyers have their mortgage in place?
  2. Do they have anywhere to sell and if so do they have a buyer yet?
  3. Are they committed to moving to this area?
  4. Are they especially committed to your house?
  5. Which other properties are they considering?
  6. Are they likely to let you down?
  7. How excited are they about buying your property?

So when the time comes to sell your property, remember that Estate Agents generate offers.  Take advantage of our skills in helping you move by calling us on 01273-735237 or contact us at 

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