Property Valuations

Property Valuations

“Property Valuations”

Property Valuations are possibly the most contentious aspect of estate agency.  Emotions run high when discussing people’s most valuable asset.  Naturally, as Vendor of a property, you will want as high a price as possible for your property.  So too will your Agent, who is duty bound to achieve the best possible price for you.

However, Vendors should be careful about opinions over value, especially when everyone seems to have one!  When you decide to sell, it’s amazing how many friends, relatives, taxi drivers and people in pubs suddenly become ‘Estate Agents’!

Actual Property Valuation

The actual value of a property is of course the maximum figure that at least one ‘willing and able’ buyer would be prepared to pay.  Frankly, the only person to know what this figure could be is an Estate Agent.  Even so, he would need to be comprehensively familiar with the current market and involved with qualified buyers daily.  Being able to anticipate potential imminent movement in the market is a skill few possess.

On-line Property Valuations

Certainly on-line value calculators or property valuations can be misleading and plain wrong in many cases as they are based on historic values; they simply cannot take account of the foibles of local buyer activity and competing properties available for sale, both of which change from week to week.

When choosing the right Estate Agent for yourself it’s certainly worth finding out how accurate their property valuations are.

A good agent should be able to tell you

  1. the percentage of the original asking price they actually achieve on average for their clients
  2. how long they took to find a buyer against national averages.

We’d be happy to provide you with expert advice on the property valuation and likely sale value of your home.  We base this on extensive research coupled with an intuition that comes from deep local experience.  Our consistently proven results are  evidence.  Please contact us today on 01273-735237 or