Estate Agents Advertising

Estate Agents Advertising

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Estate Agents Advertising

I started out in Estate Agency in the 1980s, (in the good old days!). Back then, all Agents needed was a simple property ad in their shop window and the local newspaper.  I can remember the rush to get the property ads ready for the Friday section of the local paper.  This used to be the universal way to promote a property.  The negotiators had their ‘hot box’ of Applicants on their desks, who they’d contact as soon as a new property came in. Even back then, advertising was key in an estate agents to get the job done.  Estate Agents advertising is important as much today as it was back in the 1980s!

Today we have our website and numerous portals. This is ensuring that our clients’ property receives the maximum exposure to the right people. Or ideally thousands of them! Plus, of course, a deep social media presence.

But property advertising is not just about exposure.  It’s about understanding the psychology of buying and ensuring that adverts, no matter where they appear, continue to pull in new buyer enquiries.  Too little detail and buyers will not have anything to hook into; too much detail and they have no reason to view the property.  And viewings are critical.

Advertising to Buyers

You need to make sure that five main areas are covered in an effective property ad; Where is it, what’s it like, how big is it, how much is it, how do I view it? Anything else is superfluous and distracting.

How your agent handles enquiries from a successful advert is equally important.  As well as establishing the ability of the buyer,  a professional agent will probe further and seek to understand areas of compromise in the buyer. That may result in that buyer viewing, and often proceeding to buy, a property they might never otherwise have considered.

So, why is advertising so important for estate agents? Most buyers buy something different to their original intention.  So let various other property ads in addition to yours do the job of making the agent’s phone ring, then leave it to your agent to convert those enquiries into viewings of YOUR property!

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