Estate Agents Viewings

Estate Agents Viewings

“What Estate Agents do”


Do you believe that an Estate Agent is simply someone who shows prospective buyers around properties?  This view may seem understandable,  but this simplistic perspective belies the fact that the well-trained Agent knows how to maximize viewings opportunities with the specific objective of prompting a sale.  Estate Agents viewings are intrinsic to a successful sale.

Whilst “showing someone round” might appear straightforward, Vendors who do this themselves, as opposed to allowing their Agent to do so, may be missing out on opportunities on several fronts.

Firstly, a professional Agent recognises that they cannot “force” someone to buy a property.  However, they can encourage buyers to buy a specific property in comparison to others on the market, based on a good understanding of the buyer’s specific needs, and importantly of those areas in which compromise might be found.  Most buyers compromise on something!  A specific Vendor only wants to sell his/her property and generally has no idea of the buyers’ needs in the context of their stated preferences.

Buying psychology

There is also a process involved as well as a degree of psychology.  Most people prefer to view a property at least twice before committing.  The first viewing is really to “get a feel” for the property – “could we be happy here?”  Yet Vendors often try to impress with logical/factual statements that would be better kept for a second viewing.

Additionally, Buyers prefer to discuss their plans for a property out of earshot of the Vendor.  Accompanied viewings allow them the space to do so.

Finally, a good Agent is trained to spot buying signs and knows how to act on them.  This helps the buyer to make a decision that genuinely is in the best interests of buyer and seller alike.  It also raises the odds of resulting in a successful sale that will indeed go through to a satisfactory completion.  If this is what you’re after then why not call us on 01273-735237 or