Beach Hut Happiness

Beach Hut Happiness

“Beach Huts Brighton & Hove”

Beach Hut Happiness

If you’re new to Brighton & Hove, you’ll maybe not fully understand why beach huts are held in such high esteem by its residents.  Thousands of UK and overseas visitors to our Sussex coast photograph them each year!  Beach huts are brightly coloured, wooden and iconic – decorating Hove’s prom in all seasons.  So, ‘Beach Hut Happiness’ is simply ‘Happiness in a box’ – offering an escape from the daily toil, fresh sea air, the gathering of family and friends, with the backdrop of the sea.  Need I mention a simply stunning promenade and coastal views beside the seaside?

Winter Sales

The winter sales offer a great opportunity to buy accessories for your beach hut.  After all, finishing touches make all the difference to your enjoyment.  You may be thinking of selling this year, so keep your purchases at home and use them to give your beach hut that extra ‘wow’ factor when potential buyers come to call.

Seven MUST-BUY Beach Hut Accessories

Let’s take a look at the 7 MUST-BUY Beach Hut accessories.  You can use these to ‘style’ your beach hut or  ‘stage’ when selling:

  1. Cushions

    A really easy way to instantly update your storage benches and director chairs with colour, texture and interest at the same time.  Colour coordinate with your painted doors to really make an impact!  Choose one of the beach hut themed patterns to really impress!

  2. Rugs

    A rubber-backed, non-slip rug can transform your Beach Hut, adding warmth and style.  There’s no need to spend a fortune on them – decide on a budget and stick to it.  Choose one that you can sling in the washing machine.  You’re not likely to need a large rug for a Beach Hut of dimensions of approximately 6’x6’.

  3. Fruit and Flowers

    Plastic can be fantastic – but I wouldn’t suggest putting imitation flowers in your beach hut.  Imitation fruit can add colour (oranges, green apples or lemons).  Instead, fill your bowl or vase with glass beads, shells, topped with a small imitation flower arrangement for maximum effect, adding a little bit of colour and glamour to the inside of your Beach Hut.  Let your creativity flow with sand sculptures, dried beans, or try a small sea-scape ornament to bring the outside colours of the English Channel, in!

  4. Buckets or Baskets of Beach Toiletries

    Suntan cream, body lotion and Aloe Vera go a long way to providing fragrance and elegance to your Beach Hut.  Add a few pumice stones, large decorative shells, et voila! Keep new bottles for viewings only.

  5. Bathing Towels

    Keep some, just for viewings – colour coordinated, fresh and clean.  Make sure that no one uses them – they are just for show! Whip them away and hide them after each viewing so they stay looking their best (better still, take them home with you).  Again, coordinate with your cushions and paint scheme.  Hide damp towels, wet suits and beach shoes – they don’t look pretty on a viewing!

  6. Atmosphere

    Create atmosphere in the form of wall hangings, pretty hooks, wooden signs, wind chimes, and gentle fragrances.  Beach candles, atomisers or diffusers provide a wonderful finishing touch to keep the air fresh inside your beach hut.

Beach Hut Accessories

Staying up-to-date with current trends, colours and styles in each season is easy – and you don’t have to break the bank.  Go on-line and browse from the comfort of your armchair these retailers:

  1. Amazon – take a look at their great range of accessories for the home which would look great in your property on the prom
  2. B&Q – Great value ranges of outdoor rugs, furniture and home accessories i.e. seat pads for your bench seats
  3. CountryLiving seating and beach chairs for a wonderful day at the seaside
  4. Dunelm – They have some great beach towels to brighten up your day whether you’re sunbathing or sea-bathing
  5. eBay – you’ll need deckchairs, storage boxes , beach cover-ups and more.  if you don’t have in-built ones,  A fantastic resource for homewares, both new and second-hand. You can search by item, size, colour, shape – you name it.
  6. John Lewis – from swimwear to beach towels in a variety of sizes and colours
  7. Marks and Spencer – good quality, more traditional, but you will find a really wonderful choice of items in great colours and sizes
  8. Matalan – from beach to swimwear  right on trend, and great prices too!
  9. Next – take a peek at their great range of coordinated soft furnishings and accessories at value-for money prices.  For beach wear browse their range of beach bags to towels

Beach Hut Happy Hour

When I’m at the beach, I love that time from 6 – 7pm to enjoy a convivial drink or cocktail.  Happy Hour with friends and family is a great way to round off a day at the beach, strolling on the prom, and dipping your toes in the water!  Go colourful with drinks glasses  before heading off home, relaxed and full of happiness from a day well spent. Now that’s Beach Hut Happiness!

Are you thinking of selling your beach hut?  Do get in touch on 01273 735237 or .  We can provide an up-to-date appraisal!