Beach Hut Demand

Beach Hut Demand

“Beach Hut Demand”

Brighton & Hove Beach Huts

This month, I had planned to write on what to include in the sale of your beach hut.  Why? To make your property on the prom more appealing to purchasers.  Brighton & Hove Beach Huts are certainly ‘trending’ in my daily tasks!  In January, a record amount of would-be ‘hutters’ contacted me.  They wanted to purchase the licence for one of these little treasures on Hove’s seafront.  Therefore, I’m going to tackle the ‘hot’ topic of beach hut demand.

Beach Hut Fixtures & Fittings

Of course, your purchaser is going to show a great interest in the fixtures you’re offering.  These may include:

  • Built-in storage, ie benches and tables
  • Shelving
  • Bespoke flooring
  • Paintings or mirrors
  • Rugs, awnings, modesty curtains and curtain rails

Beach Hut Demand

It doesn’t take long to recognise that lockdown and the curtailment of foreign holidays has played a huge part in Brighton & Hove residents seeking out other alternatives.  Whilst we have an abundance of seafront, parks and gardens in the city, everyone likes a little piece of ‘land’ to call their own.

Our city’s older properties have little or no gardens, or very small balconies.  New build apartments are similar.  So many people have craved ‘outdoor’ space during the long months of lockdown. Therefore, a beach hut may provide a suitable ‘space’ for relaxing with friends and loved ones.  And, of course, you can watch the world go by as you stretch out on your deck-chair or lounger, sipping on your pina-colada or cup of tea, enjoying fresh air and the presence of passers-by!

Over the last 9 years, I have seen the price of beach huts increase significantly, with increases of up to 53%.  But, it seems that some residents are keen to purchase irrespective of price, such is demand.  Irrespective of the costs of owning a beach hut, annual licence fee (for the year 2021/22 the licence is £416.20 inc VAT), insurance, maintenance, repairs, it appears that the price has become irrelevant as people consider the perspective of not being able to travel abroad.

And, actually, some of us have realised that being at home, not rushing around all the time, is a very welcome change to queues at the airport, mosquito bites, funny ‘tummies’.  After all, once Brighton and Hove’s cafes and restaurants reopen – where could you find a more eclectic mix of menus!

Brighton & Hove Holidays at Home

Peoples’ desire for outside space, a place to relax, somewhere to take the children, grandparents and friends has become all important for the summer of 2021.  Our Brighton & Hove seafront is  delightful throughout the year.  Lockdown aside, you have facilities for all the family – bowls, tennis, Hove Lagoon.  You’ll probably be able to mention a whole lot more!  Think about the seafront cafes, the i360, lawns and water sports.  What’s not to like?

I’d love to help you sell your beach hut.  In fact, I have your purchaser already waiting in the wings! Contact me on 01273 735237 or