Rental Property Who Chooses

Rental Property Who Chooses

“Who Chooses the Rental”

Rental Property who chooses

They say ‘An Englishman’s home is his castle’.   Let’s consider this statement for a moment to find out, with rental property who chooses.  Because, when a couple set off on the path of renting together, it is probably not the man who does actually choose it!

In a recent survey, Letting Agents polled (94%) confirmed that it is usually the woman in such a relationship who has the last word in choosing which home they rent.

Sexist?  Maybe, but guess which are the two most important single factors likely to clinch a deal that women identified as important:

  1. a modern kitchen (91% of agents questioned)
  2. a his-‘n’-hers en-suite bathroom (95%).

On the other hand, almost half the letting agents polled say that space for a wide-screen TV is the most important single feature for men.  Twice as many men than women said that a back garden, protected from neighbours’ watchful eyes by high hedges or fencing, also featured as a strong attraction.

Rental Lifestyle

When seeking their ideal home, men and women may have different agendas.  As a result, we advise Landlords to consider who typically has the most influence on the renting decision.

What should you consider when making improvements on a property before letting it?  Focus on those things that will mostly impress the most influential person in a relationship.  So you may need to rebuild the garden wall.  However, perhaps you would be better to spend the money on improvements to the kitchen.  Maybe the creation of an en-suite bathroom instead would be a better move!

Remember, you are renting out a home and the lifestyle that comes with it – not just the bricks and mortar.  So take advantage of the respective impulses of the most influential people in the renting decision.  That is, she who wears the trousers!

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