Move or Improve

Move or Improve

Move or Improve

Improving your property may be an alternative to selling

House moving, as we all know, can be costly.  However, you may find that improving your property may be an alternative to selling, especially if you have the space and the inclination.  Some costs depend on the value of the houses you are buying and selling. Other costs, such as Solicitor’s fees, may vary, dependent on the amount of work involved, and where you live. Some expenses can be reduced – by selling privately or through an online advertising agent, instead of through a traditional Estate Agent (but at what cost?) – but most are unavoidable. Before committing yourself to the move or improve plan, draw up a spreadsheet of the likely costs, to avoid headaches and unexpected expenses.

Use my checklist and fill in your costs:

Costs to Move

1. Estate Agency

2. Solicitor

3. VAT Home

Home Buying Costs

1. Solicitor

2. Structural Survey

3. Building Society Survey

4. Furniture Removal/final utility bills/moving accounts etc

5. VAT

6. Stamp Duty

7. Other eg bridging loan interest

Costs to Improve

Consider the advantages of improving or enlarging the home where you currently live (and love, albeit if you had more space, extra bedroom etc)

a) Costs of professional fees and legal charges

b) Costs of employing the services of a Planning Consultant, Planning Application Fees, Appeal Fees (if necessary), Listed Building consent

c) Costs of DIY improvements, plus professional builders, electricians, plumbers etc

d) Is a local authority grant available for part of the cost?

e) You know your own house inside out! So hopefully, no unforeseen snags

f) Frustrations of moving may be avoided; counter this with potential delays in planning permissions, building works due to weather …

g) Happy families! You get to keep your friends and neighbours, and your kids keep their schools and social networks

If you’re thinking of moving or improving, please share your experience with me. I’ve moved 21 times in my life time.  Planning permission was granted for an extension to our current home, and we can’t wait to see the outcome (we love where we live).

Whichever you choose, Good Luck!