Might Sell your Property

Might Sell your Property

“Selling your property”

Might Sell your Property?

The press is currently full of mixed messages about the property market, especially in view of the various issues surrounding Brexit and now lockdown. Will the market rise, will it fall, is it a good or a bad time to move? Fortunately, we have remained extremely busy, and find ourselves in need of stock to support this demand.  If you’re thinking you might sell your property, what lies ahead?

Demand may well be the best indicator of the future of the market than any other indicator.  People don’t buy unless they feel confident about the future, but the real effects of leaving the EU and the effects of lockdown may not actually be felt for some years.  Nevertheless, nobody knows what lies around the corner. No-one has a crystal ball.  There could be some volatility in store, but life goes on! Fortunately interest rates are still incredibly low, despite any nominal rises, indicating that the banks are not overly concerned about the future.

So if you think that you might consider moving in the next year or two, it might be worth bringing that decision forward to take advantage of the strong demand we currently have. By selling for the highest price the market will currently pay, you’d not only maximise your sales price, but you’d also put yourself in a strong buying position when you come to look for your next home. Worth a thought!

A good starting point would be to ask us to provide you with an estimate of your property’s maximum expected price and saleability in the current market, which we’d be happy to do without charge. Please feel free to call us on 01273 735237 or get in touch by email at teamsales@callaways.co.uk. Or visit our online valuation tool .