Maximise Property Sale Prospects

Maximise Property Sale Prospects

“Selling Your Property?”

Maximise Your Sale Prospects

The vast array of property-related TV programmes on our screens is certainly an indication of our appetite for home improvement.  Not to mention the growth of property and interior design accounts on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc. Presumably this has something to do with pride of ownership and making the most out of “an Englishman’s home is his castle”.  Today, we’re finding out how you can maximise your property sale prospects.  We want your experience to be smooth and, whilst moving home is generally not entirely stress-free, as enjoyable as possible!

Once you come to sell, you may understandably be more focused on your next property than the one you are leaving.  It is surprising how many properties we see offered for sale where the vendor has not taken advantage of some simple things that can be done to increase their chances of selling whilst maximising their price.

Bear in mind that we are not just selling bricks and mortar, but an aspirational lifestyle, as most people purchase a better property than the one they are leaving.

Maximise your prospects

A recent survey among estate agents identified key aspects of property presentation that they regard as important to get right when selling:

  • 77% said that decluttering the interior was among their top three tips
  • 68% included a thorough interior clean
  • 48% highlighted the need to tidy the garden
  • 40% suggested neutral decoration
  • 35% recommended a fresh coat of exterior paint
  • 24% felt a new kitchen or bathroom was important

Interestingly, gadgets, technology and security features ranked surprisingly low.  Less than 1% of agents cited these as important.  Presumably this is because home-owners can add these items easily at a later date as required.  Nevertheless, as we all know from lockdown and working from home, a fast broadband speed has become critically important!  A Rightmove survey did, however, suggest that homes with slower broadband tended to sell for up to 20% less than those with fast broadband!

It is interesting to note that, apart from the broadband issue, the above figures overwhelmingly point to the need to create a strong first visual impression.  This concurs with our own findings. Whilst buyers do not always know precisely what they want, they certainly know it when they see it. Our job is to help them get to that point!

We offer pricing and staging advice to help maximise your property sale prospects.  If you’d like to find out the sale-ability of your property, call us on 01273 735237 or contact