Brighton City Life

Brighton City Life

“Are you moving out of London?”

Experience Brighton City Life for yourself!

Brighton City is THE place for Londoners

Are you a Londoner? Do you catch yourself fantasising about breathing in the fresh sea air every morning?  Would you like to spend your free time relaxing on your local ‘London by the Sea’  beach?  Or even taking a scenic countryside walk just a short 15 mins away?  You’re not alone. Many Londoners choose to experience Brighton city life.

If you’re moving out of London you’ll need a place to stay.

It’s no secret that Brighton (named “The Happiest Place in The UK” by The Daily Express in 2017) is treasured nationwide.  As a result, an average annual 9 million day-trippers come to our beautiful city.  Furthermore no wonder so many students, young professionals, families and retirees choose to move to our city.

Brighton’s living standards have been proven to be some of the best in Britain.  The city is statistically 28% cheaper than London. It also scores significantly lower (37.26) on Numbeo’s crime index whilst London scores 52.63.  Given these points Brighton is a great place in which to raise children or retire in.  Our city is also home to some of the best schools in the country. Numerous schools have been labelled ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED across the city  e.g. BHASVIC, Downs Junior School, St Lukes Primary, Stanford Infant School.

1. Brighton Property Prices

Brighton’s property market is less expensive than London’s.  Letting Agents report that an average one-bedroom apartment in Brighton in 2020 is between £800 to £900 per month.  To demonstrate, in London the average price is around £1,300 per month.  To purchase a one-bedroom apartment in Brighton, estate agents say you will most likely be looking at somewhere around £300,000. On the other hand in London for the same property you will be looking at around £500,000 – £600,000. This alone is a great reason to make a move to our coastal city.

2. Experience University & Brighton city life

You may be a student considering attending one of our two world class universities.  The University of Brighton and the University of Sussex (placed in the top 150 universities in the world) bring a large student population to the city.  As a result the nightlife is far from dull! Coalition, Pryzm, Volks, Boutique and Shoosh. These are all said to be among the best nightclubs on the South coast.

3. City Pubs & Grub

Pubs in Brighton are a huge part of Brightonian culture within our city.  Firstly, we have 10 pubs in each square mile – you will never, ever be stuck for choice – some of the cities favourite pubs are The Geese, the Walrus, The Farm Tavern, The Hartington Pub, The Hope & Ruin and Idles Hands with many, many more.

Secondly, Brighton is home to some of the best restaurants in the country.  Moreover, they attract food lovers from all over the country.  Vegetarian restaurant Terre à Terre continues to receive excellent reviews.  Check out Hardens Brighton Restaurant Guide.

4. Good Neighbours

Brighton is an incredibly friendly city.  I believe that the relaxed, laid back lifestyle in this city is the main reason – people can de-stress whenever they feel they need to.  You can find many areas throughout the city for peace and tranquillity – something which is hard to come-by in London. Brightonians get to know their neighbours, chat to each other in the street and if you are ever in need of help – Brightonians are generally obliging!

5. Moving to ‘London by the Sea’

If you are feeling apprehensive about the prospect of moving away from London and to a smaller city here’s why you should have no doubt that Brighton will not leave you missing your London life. Firstly, Brighton is extremely well connected on a national level and an international level, the city is a mere 20-30 minute drive via the A23 and the M23 to Gatwick Airport and by train it takes an easy 20 minutes.

6. Easy Commuting

You may be commuting into London daily, because of this regular direct trains serve various London stations. To name a few – London Bridge Station, St Pancras, London Blackfriars and London Victoria.  The train journey from Brighton Station to Central London takes around 1 hour.  There is a common misconception that most Brightonians commute to London everyday which is false. There is a thriving local job market meaning there are multiple employment opportunities.

Brighton has a population of just under 300,000 inhabitants.  As a result the city is incredibly diverse.  For example festivals such as ‘Brighton Pride’, ‘Fringe Festival’ and ‘The Great Escape’ are huge events.  There is never a dull day in Brighton.

7. Miles of Style

‘House Beautiful’ named Brighton one of Britain’s most stylish cities in 2018.  And why not, with its variety of shops and shopping districts in the city.  One of Brighton’s most notable shopping areas is The Lanes. This area is full of independent boutique style shops.  You are sure to find something to cater to your shopping needs.  Visit the city’s main shopping centre is Churchill Square. Full of high-street fashion labels and various stores!

High street labels are scattered across London, however I believe the Brighton Lanes are unmatched.  Are you not convinced yet? Listen to what this Brightonian Reddit user wrote:

“Quality of life here (Brighton) is so much better.  It’s so refreshing to see the sea and to be able to access actual countryside within a few minutes.  I’ve lived in a big town, a tiny town, the capital and now Brighton… this is by far the best of all worlds.”   

I really believe that the city offers the best of both worlds.  Do you agree?

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