Ready to move?

Ready to move?

“Ready to move?”

Have your moving plans been put ‘on hold’ until the Coronavirus lockdown ends?

If your home isn’t yet on the market, the UK Government has advised people buying and selling homes to put their transactions on hold.  The Government says you can continue to speak to Estate Agents on the phone, email, or Facetime, Zoom etc but they may not be able to safely begin marketing your property, due to social distancing and self-isolation.  But you can prepare and be ready to move by collating the various documents you’ll need.

I asked James Duffy, Branch Manager at Callaways, what advice he would give to ‘would-be sellers’ to prepare for the sale of their property.  Here are his answers:

“What documents do I need to sell my home?”

If you’re considering selling your home in the future, you could use this period of lockdown to gather the following documents in preparation for marketing when the time is right.  If you have this information ready, you will speed up the selling process:

  • Building Control Certificates for any conversion works extensions works
  • Building Work Guarantees If you’ve had building work done such as a damp work or new roof you need to give the guarantees to the new owners
  • FENSA Certificates While you have owned the property have you had any new double glazing installed? If so, you’ll need to provide a FENSA certificate
  • Records of Servicing the boiler
  • Electrical Certificates for any electrical works
  • EPC Energy Performance Certificate
  • ID Copies of ID for all legal owners

“Which other documents do I need if my property is Leasehold?”

The following:   

  • Copy of Lease to confirm the number of years unexpired on the lease
  • Is the property Share of Freehold? Locate the relevant documents
  • Service Charge and Ground Rent Collate the current year’s costs as the buyers will ask; check your account is up to date
  • Major Works Notice Gather any paperwork you may have received regarding Major Works that may be planned for the building
  • Communal or Own Private Gardens Be clear on the correct status of ownership of outside space
  • Parking/Private Space or Residents Parking Check what documents you have to confirm the status of parking for your property

Your conveyancing Solicitor may ask for additional documents when you instruct him, but you’ll have done well to collate those above in your quest to be ready to move.

If you need additional advice on how to prepare for selling your property, our Sales Team is ready to answer your questions on 01273-735237 or .

Many thanks James!