How saleable is my property?

How saleable is my property?

”How sale-able is my property?”

Are you thinking of moving but aren’t quite sure whether now is the right time?

We know it can take months to come to a final decision.  Moving home is high on the stress-level gauge, but we’re here to help.

Speak to us early on in the process and you’ll find our hints and tips invaluable.

Questions, Questions, Questions…

There are sure to be many questions going through your mind such as:

  1. How sale-able is my home/property?
  2. Should I sell in the spring or autumn, or will it sell before Christmas?
  3. How much will my property sell for?
  4. How should I present my property to appeal to potential buyers?
  5. What IS the market doing?
  6. When is the best time for me to start looking for MY next home?
  7. How much will it cost me to move?

We’re only a phone call away and will give you our honest opinion based on current facts and research.

Simply call Heather or James on 01273-735237 or and we’ll put your mind at ease.