Beach Hut Sales Brochure

Beach Hut Sales Brochure

“Beach Huts Brighton & Hove”

Colour Sales Brochure

Who can fail to be mesmerised by the sight of our colourful beach huts?  Then, as night follows day, surely the humble beach hut deserves a full colour beach hut sales brochure when you decide to sell?  Simply put, a beach hut may be a ‘shed’ to some of the uninitiated, but to others, it’s the culmination of a lifetime of memories, sandwiches, sunshine and seascapes.  Whether your Buyer is searching for a new home, or a beach hut, a Sales Brochure can really make or break the decision to view!

Buyers like to see – in advance – how a property is laid out (in the case of a new home), and a Colour Brochure can do this for them before they have even stepped through the front door.  To put forward a beach hut’s point of view, buyers like to see the colour of the front double doors, the condition, location and the price.  Does the hut have shelving, storage, table, or is it a blank canvas.

We recognise how valuable a selling tool a colour brochure can be.  Yes, even for a humble beach hut!

Beach Hut Brochure

Here are my 3 Top Reasons why a full-colour Sales brochure can be so important to your beach hut sale:

  1. Location – a brochure allows a buyer to see the property and where it is located – such an important piece of information for beach hut buyers.  Hove Lawns, or Hove Lagoon?  Generally buyers have a strong preference for the location of their hut.  Beach huts are generally ‘shed size’ about 7’x7’ but some vary slightly.  Accurate information and location is the key. This can let someone assess whether they need to do some DIY themselves, engage a carpenter to fit shelving, built-in seating/table and how they could display/store everything in their new hut.  A brochure should leave nothing to error or deception.
  2. Usage – Buyers like to see where the hut is, and consequently if the location will work for them. If parents want a nearby café, and children want a play-area to amuse themselves, it will say so in the brochure. If the brochure doesn’t work for someone, it isn’t worth wasting your time and theirs by coming to view.
  3. After a viewing – a brochure can be very useful to a buyer after a viewing.  It helps the buyer remember where everything was and not overlook any important aspect.  It is a helpful tool for discussion alongside images, for couples and families to talk about their potential future beach life.

Our specialist Beach Hut Department provides colour brochures as standard.  We ask you to check that they’re accurate.  Of course, if you’re thinking of selling your ‘property on the prom‘ we’d be happy to talk to you about getting the best price at any time of the year.

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