Your own place by the sea – Brighton & Hove

Your own place by the sea – Brighton & Hove

Your Own Place By The Sea – Really!

Those of us who visit the beach during a glorious British summer can usually only look on with thinly-veiled envy at those who are privileged enough to own a place of their own by the water.

A place where children can safely play right outside the front door; a place where bucket, spade and kite each have their favourite hook, a place where that half-read book can be picked up, a place to shelter from the sun or occasional shower; a place for family, a place where lifetime memories are made.

These idyllic images frequently grace the pages of lifestyle magazines, but in reality, only a small handful of the wealthiest second home-owners ever get to experience beach life at its best.  Even a modest beach-front home in this area is likely to cost in excess of £1million, putting beach living out of reach for most of us.    

Or does it? On the basis that the beach is used mostly during “down-time” ie evenings and weekends, and that it is access to the beach, rather than overnight accommodation, that is the issue, why worry about owning such a home? Why not invest in the lifestyle, without the whole property?

This is where the beach-hut appeals as a hugely popular way of enjoying everything promised by the magazines, but for a fraction of the cost. Starting at about £17,000 with annual licence fees of around £370, a beach hut provides virtually all the “accommodation” local Brighton & Hove residents need for a day, weekend or evening at the beach.

Beach huts can also make a great investment as they are in limited supply and there will always be a demand for private seaside facilities, so you should always get your investment back, and more! 

We specialise in the sale of beach huts, so why not call us on 01273 735237 if you can see yourself lapping up the sun with a drink in hand and well, nothing, really, to do. Worth a thought!

If you’re thinking of selling your beach-hut, please call Heather on 01273 735237.