Tenants’ Spring Search

Tenants’ Spring Search

Tenants’ Spring Search

What are tenants looking for this Spring?

Staying updated on what tenants desire in rental properties this spring is crucial if you want your property to stand out and rent quickly. While value remains crucial in challenging cost-of-living conditions, it’s not the sole consideration. Understanding tenants’ basic expectations and the additional amenities that could clinch the deal might put you ahead of other landlords with properties in the same area.  Let’s dive in and explore tenants’ spring search.

Excellent communication facilities

Most would-be tenants require broadband communications capable of handling everything from professionals working from home to individuals engrossed in their X-Box. Disclosing broadband connectivity is also one of the new requirements of the latest material information guidance for prospective buyers and tenants. Similarly, it helps if you provide information about the nature of the mobile signal and coverage available at the property to your Letting Agent for disclosure to potential tenants.

A sense of community

Renters increasingly desire a sense of community where they reside, seeking more interaction and shared social spaces. In HMO properties or buildings where multiple flats are rented out, offering this can be easier compared to renting out individual properties.

However, considering facilities that can promote physical and mental health through the concept of third spaces, or simply directing prospective tenants to them, can be beneficial if you’re unable to provide it yourself. Are there local social spaces such as bars and cafes where people can connect, or dedicated coworking areas where they can meet others to work?

Tech that suits them

Earlier, we mentioned the expected basics of good mobile and broadband connectivity, but embracing connectivity advances in other areas can also help attract tenants, particularly in the realm of the connected home. This can range from smart meters that provide more transparency to energy costs to smart doorbells that enhance security.

You can further improve the process through which renters can get in touch. For larger landlords, a dedicated resident app can be attractive, allowing tenants to pay rent, communicate, or report issues through one portal.

A pet to help with mental wellbeing

We all recall the pandemic pet boom when pampered puppies became the latest must-have. Previously, landlords have had more freedom to refuse pets in a property, but this will change as part of the proposals in the Renters (Reform) Bill.

The government has expressed commitment to supporting responsible pet ownership in the private rented sector, and its proposals will ensure landlords don’t unreasonably withhold consent when a tenant requests to have a pet in their home. However, the proposed changes do allow you to require insurance to cover potential damage to your property from pets.

As you adjust to tenants’ evolving needs this spring, rely on Callaways Estate Agents for expert support. Serving the South Coast, including Falmer, Worthing, and Brighton & Hove, our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in this crucial aspect of property management. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you safeguard your investment.

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