Summer Sun Beach Hut Fun

Summer Sun Beach Hut Fun

“Summer Sun, Beach Hut Fun”

Time for beach hut fun

We have every right to think that in June we’ll have some blazing hot weather and clear blue skies – although we also know that the Great British weather doesn’t always deliver on cue! Let’s take a look at summer sun, beach hut fun and plan ahead for (hopefully) some good weather to come.

Even so, having a beach hut means that there’s always a little home from home for us to take cover in from the sunshine or the showers. So, come rain or shine we can still enjoy the longest evenings of the year on our own patch of the prom.

Summer Solstice

Without sounding like a doomsayer, it is a fact that 21 June is the longest day of the year. Sigh, after that the nights start drawing in.

It’s one of the reasons that the Summer Solstice has long been celebrated throughout history and continues to be so today. The focus often falls on gatherings at Stonehenge, but around the country local beauty spots will see people witness both sunrise and sunsets on this special day.

Being able to see the sun set over the sea when you are sitting by your beach hut can be something that creates magical memories for all the family!  Don’t forget to take your mobile phone or camera and share them on Instagram at @ilovebeachhuts

Festival fun in the sun

There’s far more to June that just festivities which date back years and years. That’s because many of the country’s major contemporary cultural festivals also take place in this month.

The music world gathers for the world famous Glastonbury Festival, which begins on the solstice this year and runs through to 25 June, with the almost equally legendary Isle of Wight Festival happening the week before.

More traditionally, Royal Ascot is a national institution and a major event in the British social calendar with around 30 horse races over five days. While in Scotland The Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh is truly one of the country’s most iconic annual events.

Sussex of course is a hive of activity over the solstice. Whether you like to watch the oldest of traditions such as Morris dancing and flaming torch processions or practice yoga on the beach there are plenty of options of choose from and your hut can be a great meeting point for family and friends..

Beach Hut decorating ideas

With so much going on it can be difficult to choose themes for decorating your beach hut this month.  As a simple idea, why not go with the flow – make anyone lucky enough to have a June birthday the centre of attention?

June has three birthstones, pearl, Alexandrite and moonstone, giving a variety of décor ideas…

Painting the interior of your hut in a pearlescent white finish will not only bounce natural light around and give a clean and calm feel but the tiny ceramic crystals in the paint’s mixture will give ever changing subtle pops of colour in the sun. Pearls of course come from oysters and molluscs, so what better addition is there for a beach hut than using their shells as a door decoration?

With its colour changing properties Alexandrite is said to signify happiness and empowerment and is worn by many to increase personal growth and confidence. A framed print of this gemstone can add a great focal point and remind you of its life affirming message without encroaching on value space.

However, to add a really special finishing touch the billowy blues and whites of moonstone are just as beautiful as hut accessories as they are when used in jewellery. Thought to represent fertility, love and  protection, if you add hanging pendants or cabochons on shelves they’ll  catch the light, while raw rough pieces will make striking paperweights for napkins or paper plates on breezy summer days.

If you’d like to know more about owning a beach hut or you think the time has come to sell yours get in touch and we’ll give you all the help and advice you need.