Specialist Lettings Sussex

Specialist Lettings Sussex

“With You All The Way”

Specialist Lettings Sussex

Many letting agencies simply act as a brokering service, matching Tenants to property. However, as agents offering specialist lettings in Sussex, we are acutely aware that there is far more to successful lets than this alone. Indeed, nationally, about 25% of initially agreed tenancies fail to prove satisfactory for one reason or another.

One of the main reasons is that a Tenant gets cold feet and withdraws as a result of “buyer remorse”. This is a familiar phenomenon that occurs when a Tenant feels overwhelmed by the apparent enormity of their decision.  He wonders if perhaps he is paying too much.  Maybe he could find a better alternative, especially when other agents are continually offering him other properties, many of them no doubt cheaper.

Lettings Negotiation

Your prospective Tenant may lose their job, or get a promotion. They might decide to get married or divorced; inherit or win a fortune, or their business may be experiencing difficulties. They could even die!

Whilst these types of issues are generally unavoidable and naturally have a profound effect on people’s decision to move, the main problem concerns timing. The sooner the letting specialist can conclude a let, the smaller the opportunity for the Tenant to withdraw.

We go to great lengths to help you secure the right Tenant.  As a result, our specialist letting consultant will be familiar with your circumstances, plans and objectives.  You will usually have the same person who negotiates for you, draws up the lease, arranges the inventory.  Then our specialist will continue with the myriad of tasks required prior to a tenancy start, and will be thoroughly involved in any linked transactions. This is why we do not have a separate “progression“ department. We find our clients appreciate the level of personal dedication and accountability provided by a single point of contact, which in turn leads to understanding, trust, and a speedy conclusion.

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