Showing Prospective Tenants Property

Showing Prospective Tenants Property

“Showing Prospective Tenants Property”

“Showing Tenants Property”

Some people feel that flats and houses should be able to “let themselves”.  They say there’s no need for property to be “shown” by Letting Agents. This may be true of certain exceptional properties, or where achieving the optimum rent is not an issue.  However most properties require the skills of a well-trained Letting Agent if they are to secure a good rent within a reasonable timescale.  We believe that showing prospective tenants property is the responsibility of the Letting Agent.

Tenants’ Feedback

We feel that one benefit of your Letting Agent showing prospective Tenants around, rather than you, is prompt and honest feedback.  We find that many Tenants wish to avoid appearing rude and build up a Landlord’s hopes by telling them what they want to hear.  The Landlord generally wants to hear “It’s lovely – we’ll get back to you”.  By the time the Tenants have seen several other properties their feedback to the Agent about your particular property is likely to be minimal.

Sincere Feedback

Additionally, the Tenant will probably want to discuss aspects of the property out of the Landlord’s earshot for fear of offending. When we show your property, immediate feedback can be generated from Tenants who might not have been so frank or direct. This helps us understand their preferences and allows us to fine-tune our marketing efforts. Our Landlord clients often tell us that sincere post-viewing feedback significantly helps to reduce the stress of letting, and after all, this is surely one of the most compelling reasons for appointing a professional and reputable Letting Agency to represent you as you seek to maximise your investment.

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