Private Property Sale

Private Property Sale

“Private Property Sale”

Have you ever considered selling your house yourself?

On the surface it might seem reasonable to consider selling your house yourself, yet only the smallest minority of people attempt to do so, even in the face of so-called “DIY online” estate agency platform, usually with disappointing results.

Yes, you could put a ‘home-made’ board up in your front garden or publish your own ad on some private sellers’ or online agency website. But apart from the problem of appearing “cheapskate” to prospective buyers who might assume that you have also skimped on the home maintenance as well, there are some serious flaws to the idea of going it alone.


Not only are there the obvious security issues of letting strangers into your home, but could you show it with the skill of a trained salesperson, well-versed in the psychology of buying? Could you handle the negotiations impassively? Would you be able to draw on various resources to determine the correct asking price, as a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing in this respect and could cost you £thousands. Indeed, a failure to interpret the market correctly on an almost daily basis could mean that your house goes stale, severely limiting its sale-ability and eventual selling price.


And what about qualifying buyers, managing a chain, facilitating financial services, liaising with solicitors or handling a gazundering attempt following a misinterpretation of a survey? These are common issues that need to be handled by a well-trained and experienced professional estate agent.

Keep it simple…

Perhaps the most compelling reason of all to use an estate agent is a simple one. Most buyers end up buying a property that is often quite different to the one about which they first enquired. A well-trained Agent will identify a buyer’s actual needs and may well offer the buyer a property that would not otherwise have been on their radar initially. In other words, it is the volume of properties on an Agent’s books that firsts attracts buyers. The skillful agent then helps the buyer to buy the ‘right’ property – hopefully yours – and then makes sure the sale sticks!!

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