Open House Viewings

Open House Viewings

“Open House”

House Viewings

‘Open House’ days for viewings are from times gone.  Lockdown has changed so much of the day-to-day!  Still, some things never change.  The keys to selling any property are price, location and exposure. You can’t change the location of your property, and the market determines the price.  Nevertheless, your agent can still make significant inroads into how powerfully your property is exposed to the market.

Property Viewings

One of the most effective methods is the “Open House”.  Who can tell how long it will be, before Agents can schedule such events?  This is where the property is advertised as being ‘open’ for anyone who wishes to view it.  Generally the Agent makes appointments at a certain time, usually during a weekend.  Very common abroad, the Open House has rapidly gained popularity in the UK, and for good reason.  Of course, lockdown has put paid to this popular method.

Firstly, one of the best sources of qualified buyers is via the neighbours. Everybody knows someone who is selling.   People tend to buy in an area which is close to their existing network of friends and acquaintances (socio-demographic mirroring is the term).

Relaxed Viewings

When a property goes on show, first impressions are crucial. The Agent markets the property intensely in the neighbourhood.  Before long, every neighbour is aware that the property is for sale.  If they know anyone who is buying, they are highly likely to invite them round to see the property, or at least look at it on their behalf.

From the seller’s perspective, having an event can concentrate the viewings around a fixed time. Go for a socially-distanced walk and leave it all to the agent if you want to reduce some of the stress of selling!

Open House days are mostly very relaxed occasions.  They create an environment where buyers do not feel in any way under pressure, but can take their time to consider a property’s merits. Because of this, we find that more people register their interest during an Open House than they would through the usual advertising channels.

As a “celebration” of a property, an Open House promotes intense buyer activity.  As a result, this activity often prompts a sale.  Everybody wants something that everybody else wants!

But, with lockdown, have we seen the end of the Open House?  Keep your eyes open for our next OPEN HOUSE VIEWINGS – on a screen near you!

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