Election Result – What it means for Property

Election Result – What it means for Property

“Election Result – What it means for property”

FINALLY- We have a result!

Whether or not it is your preferred election result – the confusion suffered by the UK, and the property market in particular, is at an end.  Like it or not, it looks as though Brexit will now formally happen on 31 January 2020. Politicians can then get on with debating other issues, as they should.

As far as property is concerned, D-Day has now arrived.  Countless buyers and sellers, who had been sitting on their hands for months, if not years, now have a green light to press ahead with a move.  Most people have not been directly affected by any Brexit-related issues, but have nevertheless maintained a “wait and see” attitude.   Yet the need to move remains the same. Issues such as a job change, a new baby, children moving schools, death, divorce, debt etc are still the key drivers.   Frustration had set in because these motivating influences are very real. But there was a reluctance to act on them until the uncertainty was over.   Now that there is a relatively clear way forward the brakes are off!

Turnaround in transactions

Add to that the fact that speculative buyers and sellers are now also likely to return to the market and we have a recipe for a substantial turnaround in transaction volumes during the early part of 2020.

This activity will not necessarily result in higher sale prices. In fact it could adversely affect them if there is a deluge of new stock entering the market.  Our advice would be to get in quickly, as many prospective sellers are likely to wait until the spring “market” by which time the gold rush might have begun to settle.

And don’t wait until after Christmas either! Today’s armchair buyers are at their most active researching property on Boxing Day, with Rightmove reporting over 25 million page hits on that day last year!  So why not take advantage of this by making sure YOUR property is not only visible over Christmas, but also seen to be “new to market”. One of the most attractive attributes for buyers to see!

At a time when other agents are slowing down for Christmas – here at Callaways we are poised and ready for a new era of property sales.  So why not help us to help you?  Right now!  Try our valuation tool!

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We’d also like to wish you a very Happy Christmas, personally!