Decorate your Beach Hut for Christmas

Decorate your Beach Hut for Christmas

Decorate Your Beach Hut for Christmas

Decor and Festive Fare

Some people might think spending time in a small timber building at the sea’s edge in December is rather strange. Beach hut owners know otherwise! Decorate your beach hut for Christmas.

Officially starting on the 1st of the month for meteorologists or at the solstice on the 21st for traditionalists, there’s no doubt that December ushers in winter one way or another.

Snuggling up with winter warmers is all part of the seasonal fun. Whether that means a favourite woolly jumper, a duvet or a drink (hot, alcoholic or both!) is something everyone can relate to.

When you add in the option of doing it in a home-from-home watching wild waves crash onto the beach you’re beginning to understand how a beach hut really does have something special to offer all year round.

December decor

Wherever you have your hut there will almost certainly be rules and regulations about how much you can do to decorate the outside. However, when the doors open onto your own Aladdin’s Cave the only limit that really matters is imagination.

Strings of fairy lights are always a simple and cost effective way to literally add a bit of seasonal sparkle to your hut’s interior. Classic Christmas greenery in the form of holly, ivy and even a tree can all help bring the outside in and create a fun festive atmosphere.

Some people choose to make their hut look like a smaller version of their home’s Christmas makeover. Others take advantage of being able to perhaps go a little further and create quite a spectacle without having to worry about all those flashing lights annoying the neighbours!

Festive fare

Food and drink always figure high on the list of any Christmas related celebrations. It’s a time for indulging yourself and those you love. Eating and drinking together is a time-honoured way to celebrate important dates in the calendar.

Everyone has their own traditions when it comes to this time of year. Beach hut owners get to add a few which other people might not have themselves.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be thinking about cooking a turkey in your hut on Christmas Day but even that isn’t beyond the realms of possibility these days!

More than likely you’ll be thinking along the lines of a winter’s version of a picnic, with lots of warming alternatives replacing summery staples. Mince pies and sausage rolls can conjure up a Christmas feel eaten hot or cold. Flasks of Irish coffees or hot chocolate will keep you warm and of course late December Hut excursions can benefit from cold meat leftovers.

When it comes to drinks the thermos flask is your friend if you don’t have a kettle in your hut. There is of course another type of flask that traditionally comes into play at this time of year too.  A hip flask can contain a different kind of warming drink for a cold day!

However you choose to make the most of your hut this December, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’!