Buying Property? Instruct an Estate Agent

Buying Property? Instruct an Estate Agent

Funny when you think about it; you employ an estate agent to act in your best interests when you sell a property, but not when you buy, even though buying is probably riskier than selling! 

As a buyer, you will probably employ a surveyor and solicitor to confirm that your chosen property is structurally and legally acceptable. Who advises you what not to buy? Who offers you properties not yet on the market? And importantly, who negotiates the lowest price on your behalf? Certainly not the vendor’s estate agent who is employed to secure the highest price from you! 

Ironically, it is these same estate agents who hold the key to buyer success as well as that of the seller. They know the area intimately, and what is available locally. They know what is overpriced and can spot a bargain for their buyer client. They also have trained negotiators who can act for you rather than against you. 

There has been a four-fold increase in the number of British buyers employing estate agents to act for them in the past three years alone. The service particularly appeals to people who have little time to look at the increasing number of properties available for sale, especially when they live out of the area. An increased focus on the investment potential of your home compounds the need for professional assistance, and various buyer-focused TV programmes have highlighted the benefits of having a 
professional on your side. 

We are one of the few estate agencies in this area to offer a find/view/negotiate service for serious buyers. This is also good news for prospective vendors who might be able to sell their property to one of these buyers without any liability for agency fees! And no – there is never a conflict of interest! 

Contact our buyer agency specialists on 01273-735235 for further details, as, buying or selling, our passion is to help you move.