Beach Huts New Year Resolutions

Beach Huts New Year Resolutions

Beach Huts 

New Year Resolutions

As 2023 begins ideas for how to do things differently in the New Year are usually in our minds.

When the mind in question belongs to a beach hut owner then things can get quite imaginative, so what are you going to do this year that marks a change from the last few? Let’s delve into the possibilities of ‘Beach Huts New Year Resolutions’…


With the great British weather staying as unpredictable as ever, some things always remain the same. So in the next twelve months you can expect extremes of cold and heat and bouts of never ending rain!

Maintaining a beach hut is similar to owning any other ‘period property’ – you have to accept (or learn!) that there is always something to do and that the job is never going to be quite finished.

A new coat of weatherproof paint, a bit of de-rusting and fixing the odd leak are all things that can only be expected to be on the ‘to-do’ list. Thankfully there are also plenty of things that can be more fun too…


Giving your hut a makeover can be a great thing to do at any time of year, but getting in there at the start means you can have a whole new look to enjoy for the next twelve months.

If you’re thinking of a colour change it’s worth bearing in mind that Brighton & Hove Council have specific rules for painting the outside – in fact it’s part of the terms and conditions that you redecorate the exterior at least once every year – all the details can be found here.


Different people like their huts for many reasons. Some enjoy the feeling of a home from home on the prom where they can create their own environment for a little quiet solitude. Others enjoy the idea of it being an excuse for socialising, whether that means inviting friends and family to share the experience or just getting to know other hut owners and prom users.

The last few years have made quite a few of us value simple human interaction even more than before, so making your hut into an inviting and inclusive space for others to enjoy is something that can give a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction.


With busy home and work lives it’s easy to get bogged down with the day to day humdrum. So if you’re guilty of neglecting your hut or simply just not taking time out to enjoy where you live, having a beach hut is the perfect excuse to escape, sit back, relax and unwind while you soak up the view.

Whatever your plans for your very own place on the prom this year, it’s worth remembering that by making the most of your hut you are helping a great British seaside tradition to carry on for new generations, and that there are always many other people who would just love to be in the lucky position that you find yourself in!