Beach Hut Colours

Beach Hut Colours

“Beach Hut Colours”

What do your paint colours say about you?

Are you a ‘block colour’ or ‘colours of the rainbow’ kind of person?  One thing’s for sure – the beach huts on Brighton & Hove seafront provide a blast of colour in the darkest of days.  Do you wear a particular colour, or do you have a favourite colour?  Are your beach hut accessories colour themed, or maybe a little haphazard?  In today’s blog, let’s find out what your beach hut colours say about YOU.

Paint Colour Spectrum

What do your beach hut doors colour say about you (and have you chosen a quite random colour compared to your home’s front door?) Your beach hut colour choice may say more about you than you think!

Brighton & Hove City Council’s paint requirements have specific rules.  You don’t have much say on the colours of your hut, apart from on the doors.  Here’s a reminder:

Paint codes

Roof and upper sides: BS 4800 14 C35 Gloss

Plinth and lower sides: BS 4800 04 D45 Gloss

Doors can be any single solid colour or vertically striped in multiple colours; they can now be constructed from either panelling or tongue and groove.

Which colour?

Does your choice of paint colour match your personality?  What IS your favourite colour and why?

If you’re anything like me, I can go through a spectrum of colours depending on the weather, the season, the time of day, and my mood!


Now this is a colour which resonates with me – it looks good in bright sunshine AND on grey days.  Red exclaims ‘Welcome!’ Bright red screams ‘exciting and vibrant’.  Maybe you’re warm and inviting, so you’ll choose a darker red.  With so many REDS in many different shades including berry, cherry and sherry – you’ll have a wonderful choice from deep reds, pink reds, warm reds and so on.  Take a look at the Dulux Colour Chart for inspiration.


Now, I LOVE yellow, but it doesn’t love me!  That’s probably down to my colouring.  Yellow-doored beach huts seem to draw me in when I’m on the seafront.  Yellow is one of the trending colours this season.  From Buttercup Yellow to Yellow Punch to Lemon Pie – they all make me tingle.  Is your home front door painted in a fabulous shade of yellow?

Yellow reveals a curious, confident, curious, humorous YOU. You’ll be able to find some simply super yellows HERE for wood.


Now I like blue – it’s the colour of the sky, ever changeable throughout the year.  It is the sea in the summer time, in distant places where the sun beats down.  How many shades of blue can you think of?  Did you wear navy blue as your school uniform and it’s put you off navy for life?  Royal blue reflects intelligence.   But depending on the shade, a blue door can mean you’re prosperous and positive (royal blue), calm and grounded (dark blue), or friendly and sincere (powder blue).  For exterior inspiration take a look at Farrow & Ball paints


White doors give an aura of cleanliness, simplicity and serenity.  It’s the colour of the foaming sea, froth on the top of a cappuccino, fluffy clouds – and goes with any other colour!  Could white be ‘the colour of the year’?


Black symbolizes order and control, emanating sophistication and authority.  This is ONE colour that I don’t recall seeing on a beach hut door – ever!  Perhaps you can prove me wrong.  I love The Spruce for decorating hints and tips.  Take a look here.

Can’t see your colour here? I’ll be back with some more colours.  I’d love to hear which colour you’ve painted your beach hut, and why you chose that particular colour.

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