Agency ‘For Sale’ Boards

Agency ‘For Sale’ Boards

Agency ‘For Sale’ Boards

What sellers need to know

For Sale’ boards may be one of the oldest advertising techniques, but they have remained a crucial part of the modern approach to property sales. They are an effective way to advertise your property, but certain rules surround them – and they certainly divide opinion. Although these outdoor signs are not compulsory (see the ways you can maximise your sale by clicking here), sellers ought to consider the pros and cons before deciding whether they should use them or not.  Let’s find out all about Agency ‘For Sale’ boards and what sellers need to know before agreeing to one outside their property.

24/7 advertising that serves different purposes

For Sale’ boards can help you advertise your home like no other property marketing method. There is an unspoken level of professionalism that comes with these boards. The estate agent logo is placed on them, showing buyers that it is listed under a reputable firm.

They provide inexpensive 24/7 advertising targeted towards those simply passing by. This helps to establish a level of trust, particularly when an estate agent with a good reputation has been chosen.

For Sale’ boards also act as a sign that helps potential buyers identify where the property is. This can be useful to buyers during property viewings, especially when the home is in a remote location.

Attract a different demographic

For Sale’ boards attract a different demographic that, if ignored, would otherwise be missed out.
Although the online property sphere attracts thousands of prospective buyers every day, offline house hunters must be considered too.

Research shows that 77% of consumers use online portals to conduct property searches. That means the remaining 23% search for properties an alternative way.

Those who find out about the property by passing by are more likely to be familiar with the location and what overlooks the home. Therefore, this less internet-savvy audience may be a more serious set of buyers.

Sellers can merge offline and online techniques by placing quick response codes (QR codes) on ‘For Sale’ boards. These allow prospective buyers to scan for extra details about the property.

Too many ‘For Sale’ signs could have negative implications

Although ‘For Sale’ boards largely demonstrate professionalism, there are some instances that could make them less appealing.

Neighbourhoods that have numerous ‘For Sale’ signs could send alarm bells ringing. If the road you are selling along has many ‘For Sale’ signs, it could indicate that there are issues with the location.

Of course, the number of people selling in your area is a variable that cannot be controlled. Sellers, be aware that this could be a deterrent.

Conservation Areas

In the excitement of selling your home have you inadvertently overlooked the fact that your property may be located in a Conservation area, where ‘For Sale’ boards are prohibited?  Speak to your Estate Agent to check whether this is the case.  Ask how your Agent intends to promote your property on the numerous platforms that are available now.

Privacy and safety concerns to consider

As with advertising any expensive asset for sale, privacy and safety measures must be considered. When putting up a ‘For Sale’ board, there is the possibility that burglars may use this as an opportunity to target the property.

Privacy concerns may also arise. Sellers hoping to sell without neighbours being aware are unlikely to do so with a ‘For Sale’ sign displayed at the front of their property.

This is where the help of an estate agent comes in. A swift sale will have your home on the market for a short amount of time and reduce the chances of these issues occurring.

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