Why our Clients love Professional Photography

Why our Clients love Professional Photography

Many estate agents think it’s ok to take their own photographs. Digital photography has improved everyone’s photographic skills, with instant previews quickly highlighting whether a picture will be good enough for property marketing.  

The trouble is, “good enough” is simply not good enough! We believe that amateur photography is often the sign of amateur estate agency. Our role is to maximise our clients’ sale prospects by ensuring that a property looks its absolute best. That’s why, when you instruct Callaways Sales & Letting Agents to help you move, our professional photographer (who specialises in property photography) is on hand.  

There are many issues with property photography that are overcome by using a professional with the right skills, experience, creativity and equipment. If you look at many estate agents’ images online, you’ll probably see poorly colour-balanced pictures where whites come out a cold blue or jaundiced yellow. You’ll see hundreds of examples of converging parallels, where walls appear to fall outwards or inwards, or where entire buildings seem to be on the verge of collapse!

You’ll also see numerous under-exposed shots, which are light on detail due to the overpowering effect of a bright window in the shot, as well as untidy rooms because the agent has simply not bothered to think about the image being created. Disgraceful! 

A professional photographer will, in almost every instance, also enhance images using sophisticated editing software. They can work magic by, for example, removing unsightly rubbish bins, scaffolding or vehicles and even insert a beautiful blue sky even though the photo might have been taken on an overcast day.

When marketing your home, you only get one chance to create a superb first impression – one that will not only attract the right buyer, but which can also have a positive effect on maximizing your eventual sale price. 

So when choosing the right estate agent to sell your home, do make sure that you choose one who is as passionate about great imagery as we are and that they always use a professional photographer. Needless to say – we do!