Why isn’t our home selling this Spring?

Why isn’t our home selling this Spring?

Everyone says one of the best times to sell our home is in the Springtime – so why isn’t our property selling?

Homebuyers and property owners have been told many times that Spring is the silly season for selling property. 

But so much depends on the general market, confidence and availability of mortgages and of course, buyers.

If your property has been on the market for over 3 months and isn’t getting any interest or viewings to make selling possible – what is the answer? 

Reducing the asking price may be part of the answer, particularly if marketing and presentation are working well.  If you’re getting lots of enquiries, and feedback is that ‘… it’s too far from the shops/buses/schools etc…’ and there’s no suggestion that the price is too high, then that’s a different story.  [Maybe there’s something else you’re not being told!)

Reducing the price can sometimes have the opposite effect you’re hoping for, and now, this SPRING may be the time to try a new approach.  Market conditions are still tough, so you need to take extra care when preparing and pricing your home for sale.

Attracting the right buyer who’ll fall instantly head over heels with your home and will pay the price that you will accept, is property match-making at its best!

Callaways’ unique Home Saleability Checklist is the starting point to ensure your home is ‘sale ready’ for YOUR buyer.  It’s a bit like a ‘property medical’.

Each property has its very own story to tell.  Our distinctive property marketing services are not right for every home, but clients we do help consistently sell quicker, and for a higher price (because those first few weeks on the market are SO important). 

Pinpointing why your home may NOT sell for the price you want is the first part of the home-selling journey.  Fifty (combined) years of helping sellers move on to their new lives has made us confident in our ability to help you too.  Isn’t it time we got you moving? 

Call Heather or James on 01273-735237 to have a chat about your next steps in moving on this Spring.