Tenant Subletting

Tenant Subletting

“Beware the Sub-Let”

Tenant Subletting

Only last year we reported an unfair quirk in the law which left Landlords way out of pocket.  You might like to refresh your memory by reading the case of Cheryl Roux.  Mrs Roux, former wife of Michelin star chef Albert Roux, discovered her tenant subletting.

Because, now, it appears that Sir Alan Sugar has fallen foul of an Airbnb scam.

Lord Sugar took to Social Media to report the scam whereby an American family of 6 arrived at his house believing they had booked it for three days.  The family reportedly paid more than $600 for their ‘luxurious stay’.

Celebrities and Agents

Callaways were recently contacted by a prospective Tenant.  She was worried that she had been asked to pay to view a property for rent.  Fraudsters had taken a property photo from Callaways’ website. They had then used the photo in an advert to try and extort money from unsuspecting Tenants.  Fortunately our Lettings Team were able to act quickly after the caller’s quick-thinking.  We contacted the online agency to have the photo and details taken down.  The fraudster had posed as the Landlord of the property.  Goodness only knows how much money the scammer had made by charging £75 for each non-existent ‘viewing’!

We remind prospective Tenants here – NEVER, EVER, PAY FOR A VIEWING.

Professional Tenant Lettings

This story again highlights the importance of letting to a well-referenced Tenant through a legitimate professional letting agency.

Firstly, Callaways Letting Agents’ tenancy contracts (AST) prohibit subletting.  Secondly, our in-depth training ensures that we are always alert to the possibility of scammers trying to rent our clients’ properties with an ulterior motive.  We hear of Landlords who have tried to go it alone, or through an amateur letting agency, with horrendous consequences.  These can be costly mistakes.

Most importantly, our advice to Landlords is to regard letting not just as an investment activity, but as a serious business in its own right.  As a result, we’ll help you maximise your yield with caution and detail, whilst minimising the risks associated with anything other than a thoroughly professional approach.

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