Santa’s Home Security Secrets

Santa’s Home Security Secrets

Santa’s Home Security Secrets throughout Sussex and beyond!

Christmas is coming! 

Santa’s sleigh is bringing lots of toys for all the girls and boys, but wants grown-ups to have festive joy and a safe and secure Christmas for ALL the family.

Santa says: 

“If you’re not sure what to ask for in your Christmas stocking, then I have lots of sensible suggestions: 

1.Winter Warmers

Winter weather, cold, damp, freezing temperatures, snow and ice can reek havoc! Prepare for as many problems in advance, take pro-active precautions, and you’ll sail through the darkest months …  

Burst or cracked pipes – caused when cold weather freezes inside pipes, bringing damage and disruption, plus repair costs can be avoided by keeping pipes warm! Install lagging to protect them against the harsh weather. Heat your home by keeping your heating on permanent, and low, especially if the weather men predict a cold spell.

Weather App – Weather ready! Download a suitable APP for your phone for easy following and listen out for severe weather warnings, whether you’re in your car or at home.

Heating bills – keeping property warm in the depths of winter can be expensive. If you are receiving very high bills, look at swapping supplier or get quotes from an alternative supplier to reduce bills and save yourself money.

Boiler checks – could result in savings. Get a Gas Safe contractor to service and check your boiler at least once a year (if you are a Landlord, you MUST have a Gas Safety Check annually).  A well-serviced boiler should not break down just as your about to serve the Turkey and Brussels Sprouts!  Boilers can leak Carbon Monoxide, a poisonous gas.  Ask Santa to bring a CO2 monitor this year (Landlords, your Agent will advise on regulations relating to C02 monitors in let properties).

Winter Drafts Excluded! There was a time when girls and boys played a game called ‘Draughts’ but I’m talking about heating in your home.  The last thing you want is for the warm air to escape through gaps in windows and doors! Self-adhesive draft-stops can put an end to these – and there are some fun draught excluders which you can put on your wish-list for Christmas. 

Roofs without insulation are like going into freezing cold weather without a hat on your head! Did you know? A quarter of heat is lost through the roof – make sure you have wall and loft cavity installation!

Empty your gutters! Winter’s harsh weather brings high winds and heavy rain. Debris (leaves, moss) gets stuck and builds up so water cannot run freely along the gutter. This results in a build-up and overflow of water which will then run down your walls, squeezing into any gaps and causing water damage! Trim trees and bushes and clear away their leaves.  Remember to clean your gutters regularly, or fit gutter guards.  

2. Home Security 

All that glitters may be gold to unwanted ‘guests’ at Christmas! As presents grow under the Christmas tree, Santa gives some Christmas Cheer in keeping your home (and presents) secure: 

Hide and Seek your keys! Opportunists know where to look for spare house and car keys, so there’s a good chance they will find where you’ve hidden them. Put in a pre-Christmas order for Santa to bring you a key safe, with only you knowing the passcode!

Festive lighting! Drawing attention to your home means it is less likely that an uninvited guest will attempt to enter; a cloak of darkness may encourage an opportunist.  Motion sensor lights or security lights (working ones, check the bulbs!) are an excellent deterrent, and leave on outside lights at the back and front door.  Inside your home, use timers to switch on lights and lamps to look as though you are at home.   

Personal Details – shred wrapping, envelopes and letters with your name and address on by getting a document shredder.  Destroy beyond recognition receipts and personal documents.  Dispose of large empty cartons which are a giveaway to intruders that you’ve purchased a new telly, or X-box, get rid of an incentive to break in and relieve you of your new items.  Double check your refuse recycling collection dates, and if necessary, take a trip to your local recycling site to get rid of all the evidence. 

Curtains and blinds – shut them as darkness falls! Don’t allow opportunists to peer through your window to see what there is to take.

Doors and windows – make them secure! Before you go to bed or leave the house make sure you have shut and locked all windows and doors so you don’t unwittingly encourage non-invited guests!  Also remove keys from the interior door locks to discourage breaking the glass, and using the key to get in.

Lock garages and sheds! Tools from the garage and shed can be used for breaking and entering.

Beware of the Rottweiler!  Use a sticker on your door to alert the danger of a guard-dog (no one need know you’ve got a friendly pooch).

Always plan ahead!”

This is Santa signing off and

“Above all, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, from all of us in the icy, cold North Pole”.  Lots of love, Santa & Mrs Claus