Sales Progression Management

Sales Progression Management

Sales Progression Management – is an essential and integral part of selling your Brighton & Hove home or property

For each and every home we sell, Callaways include Sales Progression Management as an essential and integral part of our home/property-selling services. 

I’ll ask a straightforward question – which is the most important part of selling your property in Brighton & Hove?

You’ve probably answered

– Getting the right price or

– Selling in a timeframe that suits me or

– Achieving completion! 

Agreed, all the above (and you’ve probably thought of more – please let me know) are very important but to our Callaways’ Sales Team, getting the offer through to Completion is the most important part of the transaction.

Fall-throughs are part and parcel of selling and buying property – just short of 40% of sales arranged in England and Wales fall through after the offer is accepted.  So much wasted time and effort, let alone the stress involved! Preparing your home for sale, tidying up and keeping your home ready for viewings (sometimes with little notice), negotiations and the highs and lows of believing you have a sale going through only for the sale to come to a resounding halt for what could be a multitude of reasons with the whole process starting all over again.  It’s even worse if you’re in a chain, magnifying the uphill journey of finding a buyer again and restoring the chain in the process. 

Callaways’ Sales Team manage your home’s or property’s progression through from offer to completion.  We monitor all milestones and liaise with all parties to ensure that queries or enquiries don’t go unanswered, questions are responded to promptly, and disputes are handled sensitively. This process is best handled by someone to whom a successful outcome means a completed sale. That person is us, your Estate Agent, as we are committed to providing a successful end journey to you, our Client.

You can be sure Callaways Sales Team is on your side, fighting your corner when the going gets tough – and it often does, at various stages through the selling process!

You can also help yourself by doing the following (and keeping your Estate Agent in the loop):

Instruct your Solicitor at an early stage that you intend to sell – before you get an offer – then inform your Estate Agent;

Prepare your property documents file – this may be details of any work you have had done to the property, eg double glazing, new boiler, planning permissions/building regulations, guarantees and certificates;

Complete and return all paperwork your Solicitor sends to you as soon as possible; for example, requests for ID, fixtures and fittings enquiry form;

Keep a diary of all communication and double-check anything you have sent has been received, whether by email or post; confirm all telephone calls in writing, for the record

Sales Progression Management is an integral and very important part of getting your sale through to Completion and Callaways take Sales Progression Management seriously, and when the going gets tough, we get going. 

Callaways Estate Agents have many years of experience in Brighton & Hove (since 1935) Sales Progression Management, for freehold and leasehold properties, and we would love to help sell your home more effectively.

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