Rental Property Visits

Rental Property Visits

“Rental Property Visits”

Why do rental property visits?

Rental property visits form a major part of a property manager’s responsibilities.

Property visits at regular intervals are important to determine whether there are any current or potential problems.  Issues arise during certain times of the year such as in winter time when condensation can lead to damp and dripping taps may become frozen pipes!.  Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors should be working (wood burning stoves, boilers).  Window blinds must be compliant.

Firstly, we look for any breaches of the tenancy, ie evidence of pets brought into the property, without authority, smoking or subletting.  Secondly, we check for damage to fixtures and fittings.  Thirdly, we make a note of  maintenance or redecoration needs and determine whether they fall under the responsibility of the Landlord or Tenant.

I always prefer the Tenants to be present at these visits, because it gives an opportunity to talk to them about any issues which they may not have considered a potential problem, and also to allay their fears.

Property Visit Checklist

Some tenants prefer to be present at the property visits.  They are familiar with how the visit proceeds, which includes checks on:

  1. Individual rooms: condition of walls, flooring, fixtures and fittings etc and any additional issues the tenant reports
  2. External condition of property: front/rear/side/gates/fencing/garage/gardens/sheds etc
  3. Visual check of roof/guttering/downpipes/chimney/aerial
  4. Review of next gas safety check/PAT test (for Landlord’s portable appliances )/buildings insurance/services due etc
  5. Any other issues raised by either Landlord or Tenant

When we conduct property visits, we are generally not taking tidiness into account.  We respect our tenants.  They are, by law, entitled to ‘quiet enjoyment‘.

However, clothes strewn around the floor may mask damage to carpets or floorboards.  During our visits we check on potential problems to ensure that the fabric of the building is being maintained on behalf of our Landlords.

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