Property Statistics

Property Statistics

“Property Statistics”

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and local knowledge.  After all, Callaways has occupied the same location as it does now in Church Road, Hove since 1935!  We’re also guardians of what we like to call VIPs – Very Important Property Statistics.  Because ‘info is power’.

Indeed, it is extremely important that the agent you choose to represent you in the sale of your property is fully conversant with every aspect of the locality and the market.  Your agent should be effective in helping purchasers with the right advice needed to buy your home.

However, too many agents assume they can “wing it”!  This is definitely not the way to assess the most appropriate asking price for your property.

The issue of correct valuation is paramount. Ask too much, and you could get stuck with an old chestnut!  Oh dear, nobody wants it, no matter how appealing your home might be. Ask too little and you might not maximise the true value of your single most precious asset.

Market insight valuations

We therefore take valuation extremely seriously. Not only do we use the intuition that comes from years of experience, but we also recognise the importance of a precise market insight derived from a source even better informed than ourselves!  We subscribe to various on-line statistical collation services for property statistics.  These provide us with a deep insight into the market as it really is.

The reports we are able to generate mean that we can not only gauge market value in relation to our own stock, but use every property that is either on the market or recently sold.  This helps us determine the right price for your home.

Selling price property statistics

These property statistics indicate recorded selling prices as well as those prices which the market has rejected, price reductions etc. It helps us to understand the market through the eyes of current buyers, thereby helping us to determine the optimum figure at which to position your property in today’s market.

We like to think that it is this type of professional attention to detail that enables us to sell a far higher proportion of our clients’ properties more quickly than those agents who might overlook the fact that estate agency is as much a science as it is an art.

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