Property Prices Brighton & Hove

Property Prices Brighton & Hove

“Property Prices Brighton & Hove”

HMLR statistics for Brighton & Hove property prices are based on completed sales and may give a distorted opinion of your property’s current valuation.

Brighton & Hove property prices are a hot topic! Indeed, every homeowner has the issue of house prices close to his/her heart.

Distorted opinion?

Everyone has an opinion!  But even that of experienced Brighton & Hove estate agents is sometimes no more accurate about the future of property prices than that of the layman.

What influences property prices?

So much affects property prices:

  • micro and macro economics
  • employment
  • lending policies
  • political direction
  • taxation
  • the City
  • the Euro, the Dollar
  • Plus a whole host of tangibles and intangibles that all combine to influence the market.

Of course, a movement in the market can even become a self-fulfilling prophecy when subject to reckless or dramatic media headlines, prompted by the smallest shred of “evidence”.

Fortunately, most people have by now become somewhat immune to media hype and speculation.  And that’s without mentioning our wildly fluctuating political climate.  They now rely primarily on the fundamentals of the economy to try to gain an understanding of the market – which still eludes most of us!

Activity in Brighton & Hove

Ironically one indicator that is often misinterpreted is the one that is usually hailed as the most reliable source of all property data – the statistics provided by HM Land Registry (HMLR) based on completed sales. Although the media will highlight the latest released figures, any estate agent will tell you that these are seldom an accurate reflection of current market sentiment. This can really only be measured by the activity levels reported by agents on an almost daily basis.  As a result, we can certainly testify that the current market in Brighton & Hove is far rosier than that reported by HM Land Registry.

For example, the latest HMLR figures reflect completions which happened up to three months ago.  Firstly, the figures reflect exchanges that happened up to six months ago.  Secondly, they reflect offers that were accepted up to nine months ago.  Thirdly, yes, on properties that came to market possibly over a year ago!

Get the highest price your buyer will pay…

When we provide homeowners in Brighton & Hove with our market opinion, we take the fullest account of current buyer activity.  Of course, we take this is in the context of available comparable stock across the market.  We find this up-to-the-minute approach helps us to secure the very highest prices the market will pay – today!

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