Property Bereavement & Acceptance

Property Bereavement & Acceptance

“Property Bereavement & Acceptance”

‘I’ve Inherited Property…’


Think of the reasons why people sell homes – some happy and some sad.  Helping someone buy their first home or move up the property ladder to a bigger house brings joy to all involved.  However, when a sale comes about due to life changing circumstances such as the death of a loved one, a divorce or severe financial difficulties, it is a very different situation indeed.  In my blog, we take a look at property bereavement & acceptance, the final stage of the cycle of grief.

That’s why a professional estate agent needs to be a real ‘people person’.  That person needs to be someone who can empathise with their client’s situations and reasons for selling.  Equally, that person needs to be able to help them through what can be a difficult process at certain times.


In 1969 in her book ‘On Death and Dying’, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross laid out five stages that make up a cycle of grief, a common experience for many people.  In fact, businesses, training systems and many more, in addition to healthcare, have accepted her idea and actually use it.

The final stage of Kübler-Ross’ cycle is one of ‘acceptance’.  This relates to when the whirlwind of other emotions she describes as “defence mechanisms… coping mechanisms to deal with extremely difficult situations” has been worked through.  This leads to a lasting sense of a ‘new normal’ finally settling in.

Generally when at this stage, many people who have inherited a property decide to go ahead and sell.  Furthermore, that’s when I enter the picture in my role as an estate agent.

The help of professionals who can look after practical matters when we have personal and emotional issues to deal with is always welcome.  Choosing the right estate agent when you decide to sell an inherited property can make a difficult process far easier to go through.

Property Help and Advice

Although some people think of my profession as being somewhat cut-throat, in fact a good estate agent needs to be able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes every time they take on a new property to sell.

It is important to have a well-developed sense of empathy.   The emotions involved in selling a home are always going to come to the surface at some point.  My advice comes through years of experience.  It is one of the things I like best about my job.   This is especially true when it comes to helping anyone who is dealing with the difficult scenario of selling a property they have inherited.

Procedures and Practicalities

When you sell a home you own and live in, the process is usually fairly straightforward in terms of paperwork and legalities.  However when you have inherited a property, things can be a little more complicated.

Wills and probate are part and parcel of inheriting a property.   Outstanding charges on the deeds or other debts payable by the deceased’s estate can all complicate the picture.

If you’d like a chat that’s free and with no obligations, I’d be happy to give you the benefit of my own experience.  It might help you work out the best first steps to take.