Portfolio Landlords

Portfolio Landlords

“Portfolio Landlords”

Property Portfolio Landlords

There are Landlords and there are Landlords.  Some are what we call “Accidental” Landlords, who decided to let their property as an alternative to selling.  Landlords with a single investment property are somewhat inadequately regarded as “Amateur” Landlords.  “Portfolio” Landlords make up a percentage of our clients.

A Portfolio Landlord is one who owns more than two properties and/or receives a significant proportion of income from his property investments.

These Landlords are serious about their investment.

Landlord Objectives

You may wish your investment to focus on capital appreciation; many investors are more interested in maximising their annual yield.  Capital appreciation derives from a combination of clever purchase decisions, appropriate improvements and market uplift.  But annual yield requires a much more hands-on approach from a dedicated Managing Agent who understands the market.  These Agents form good relationships with local employers, tradespeople and tenants, and importantly, they, like us, regard themselves as investment managers, not just Letting Agents.

Portfolio ROI

Our mission is to ensure that your ROI (Return On Investment) is higher than could be achieved by any other Managing Agent in the area.  Our reputation relies on it!

That’s why our Landlords typically expect an annual ROI of at least 6%; some substantially more.  We will accompany Landlords when viewing a potential investment, helping them spot latent opportunities, such as creating a clever extra bedroom to widen the property’s market appeal.  We also have creative ways of minimising void periods and maximising annual rent increases, both of which maximise yield.

Maintenance Service

Our Landlords also appreciate the benefit of our in-house first-call maintenance service.  We carefully select trades-people to carry out repairs and maintenance, usually within hours dependent on the severity of the problem.

Legislation & Regulation

With over 170 pieces of legislation of which to fall foul, it also helps that we make it our business to keep fully informed of the latest regulations.  This helps our Landlords comply with the law, whilst maximising their profits, and avoid banning orders and penalties.

Are you serious about the performance of your portfolio?  If so, it might be worth a chat on 01273-735237 or enquiries@callaways.co.uk without obligation.