OUR TOP 20 Questions

OUR TOP 20 Questions

Callaways adopt an honest and ‘family-friendly’ approach with their customers, and willingly give advice on property matters.

Are you thinking of putting your property on the market? Don’t move a muscle or appoint an Agent until you’ve read our ‘Questions to ask your Estate Agent’. Otherwise, you may be in for a few surprises …

Invite two to three different Agents to value your property, and do not be surprised if the valuations have a price differential of anything between £10,000-£50,000.

You can ask your Agent as many questions as you like, and we’ve outlined the basic 20 questions below, but if you can think of others, do let us know.

You need to make sure that your chosen Agency offers the highest standards of service, so your property is sold in the time-scales to suit you.

I suppose you could say, it’s a little like the Agent attending a job interview, a very important one, at that, representing you in the sale of your property.

Although you won’t be ‘working’ with your Agent long-term, the emotional highs and lows of selling can be worrying and wearing. Try to remain as ‘emotionally detached’ as possible, and let your Agent work on your behalf. However, you may be starting on a long-term relationship of trust over the years as you move upwards, sidewards, invest in Buy-to-Let, and finally downsize …

Our Top 20 Questions:

1. How long have you worked in Estate Agency?
2. What is a realistic asking price for my property?
3. How long will it take to sell my property?
4. What will the property actually sell for?
5. How do you price my property?
6. What other homes are in competition with my property?
7. How much do you charge for selling my property?
8. What are your Terms & Conditions?
9. Are you a member of an Ombudsman scheme?
10. Is your Sales Team qualified in Estate Agency?
11. How are viewings conducted?
12. What are similar houses in the area priced at?
13. How will my property be marketed?
14. What is your Estate Agency’s sales fall-through rate?
15. What information will you include in your marketing literature?
16. How often will you stay in touch?
17. How long does your average property take to sell?
18. Are you a licensed agent? Who with?
19. Who works with you in the office?
20. Are you an on-line Agency?

Now, find out why you should be asking these questions.