Love your Beach Hut

Love your Beach Hut

Love your Beach Hut

Darling Beach Huts

Love is in the air as it is on every Valentine’s Day and for beach hut owners that presents a great chance to fall for your little piece of British seaside history all over again.

As with any other much-cherished item (or person!) there are quite a few tried and tested ways you can show your love and appreciation of your darling hut. Here’s a few to get you going…

Take care of me

When you take care of something it often rewards you in kind. Making sure your beach hut is prepped for the summer months is something that can be forgotten while the nights are still long and the cold weather is always threatening a return. However, donning a warm jumper and heading down to the seafront to make any repairs and improvements now will mean that when the warm weather does arrive you can sit back and enjoy your hut rather than working on it.

Falling in love (again)

Has your relationship with your hut lost its shine? Take a step back and remember why you fell in love with it in the first place. Maintenance and upkeep can take the romance out of owning a beach hut, unless of course you love a bit of DIY, so consider making it a central part of your Valentine’s Day plans. A cosy romantic picnic or even a marriage proposal in a beach hut can be moments you can cherish forever.

Show how much you care

From small simple gestures to grandiose statements, whether your hut is your own personal oasis or somewhere you go to socialise, February 14th is the perfect day to show the world how much you love it. A pre-spring clean could include a new coat of paint or even a complete re-style of the interior and will breathe new life into your relationship.

Love being beside the seaside

Being outdoors is good for the soul. Whether you’re someone who’d rather sit and soak up the view or work off a few remaining Christmas calories with a run or a swim, your beach hut is there loyally waiting to play a part in your life. Use it as a meeting point, an enviably bespoke changing room or your own personal beachfront cafe or bar and you’ll have the perfect excuse to love where you live.

Falling out of love?

Sometimes relationships feel stale and if you feel that you’re falling out of love with your timber ‘property on the prom’ invite friends and family to come and spend time there. Remember that by being a beach hut owner you’re really part of a small exclusive club while for most people these seaside icons are a charming novelty. Seeing them have fun spending time there is a sure fire way to rekindle your own feelings.

However, if it really is the end of the love affair between you and your hut we’re always here with a shoulder for you to cry on and plenty of expertise in finding your hut a brand new partner.