Landlords & Lockdown

Landlords & Lockdown

“Landlords & Lockdown”

Can you spare 60 minutes on 19 May?

We’re holding a Landlords & Lockdown webinar to update you on the numerous aspects of managing your property.

Quick quiz – could YOU answer the following 3 lockdown lettings questions?

  1. My gas safety certification is due, but my tenant won’t let my contractor in – what should I do?
  2. My tenant tells me he’s lost his job and can’t pay his rent – what next?
  3. MEES? Sorry?

In two weeks’ time, 19 May 2020 14.00h-15.00h, we’re hosting our NEW webinar, ‘Landlords & Lockdown’.  

We’ve spoken with many Landlords over the last five weeks – and they are genuinely concerned about lettings legislation during lockdown.

Further lockdown questions…

  • What happens with Section 21 Notices during lockdown?
  • Help! What do I do?  My contractor can’t access the property to carry out a repair!
  • The Gas Safety certification is due to take place and the tenants are self-isolating – what should I do?

If you’d like to hear exactly how to manage the above real scenarios, James and I will be sharing updates on Tuesday, 19 May from 14.00-15.00h.

So if you want to be sure you’re up-to-date with the latest legislation during lockdown, and keep yourself AND your tenants safe and compliant, we hope you can attend.

Just click here to register for the event.

Stay well, stay safe, stay compliant!

Heather & James