Inspirational Beach Huts for IWD

Inspirational Beach Huts for IWD

“Inspirational Beach Huts”

International Women’s Day

The ‘weather people’ say Spring starts on 1  March, traditionalists think it’s the Solstice on the 21st, but we all know it’s starting soon!

Many beach hut owners will be looking around for inspiration to help with a decorating makeover and we’ve got a great suggestion – Inspirational Beach Huts for IWD (International Women’s Day)!


International Women’s Day (IWD) is on 8 March this year and it celebrates the achievements of women all over the world.

It seems strange that the equality of the sexes is still an issue in the 21st century, but it is. IWD is more than a hundred years old, and today it is something that rises above countries, groups or organisations to be something that everyone can support.

In some countries it is an official holiday and the United Nations observes it each year in connection with a particular issue, campaign, or theme in women’s rights.

For the most part it is seen by many as a great reason to celebrate women.

Inspirational, International Women

With roots in the universal female suffrage movement and originating directly from political organisations in North America and Europe during the early 20th century, it’s no surprise that IWD offers so many inspirational angles.

An obvious starting point is to look at a famous female figure who has affected and inspired you personally. This could be anyone from a name from history such as the indefatigable Rosa Parks or Marie Curie right through to more recent names such as Malala Yousafzai. Having survived a life-threatening gunshot wound in Pakistan she went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize in December 2014.

On a lighter more contemporary note, the upturn in media coverage and respect for female sports stars has provided many young girls with strong fearless figures to emulate. The achievement by Chloe Kelly, Ellen White, Jill Scott MBE and the Lionesses in the recent Women’s football campaigns is something totally different but also highly inspirational.

Show your support

So when it comes to your beach hut, how do you show your support for IWD? The theme for this year is Inspire Inclusion and aims to highlight the diversity and empowerment of women in all aspects of our society.

To keep these themes on show throughout the year without looking dated, you could refresh the fabric of your cushion/seat covers with Women’s Day designs . Whether you’re at home or at your hut you can never have too much storage and a selection of tote bags displaying a strong message like this one could prove handy for an assortment of bits and bobs. However, if your walls are looking a little bare then a framed print depicting some of history’s most inspiring women will add a pop of colour and give you a ‘you can do it’ nudge if you’re feeling below par.

Of course, for the day itself there’s plenty of themed bunting, balloons and games, and if you really want to show your support you can paint your hut’s door in IWD purple! However you choose to celebrate the day, just remember – you can do it with Inspirational Beach Huts for IWD (International Women’s Day)!

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