House Moving Simplified

House Moving Simplified

House Moving Simplified

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, have just listed your house on the market, or are nearing completion after selling, the process of moving house can be overwhelming. Moving house ranks alongside divorce and bereavement in terms of life stress, so minimizing stress levels is crucial. Good preparation is the key to success because there’s significant potential for things to go wrong.

Prepare Early

Although your move may not be imminent, early preparation can help reduce stress. Check local websites for packing boxes from those who have recently moved. Begin decluttering to eliminate items you won’t be taking with you and pack non-essential belongings.

Arrange Your Removal Transport

Regardless of the amount of ‘stuff’ you have, you’ll need transportation, whether it’s assistance from a friend with a van, a self-hire vehicle, or a professional removal company. Start early to find the best price and ensure you’ve reviewed the reviews of any removal company you’re considering.

Redirect Your Post

Royal Mail’s redirection service can operate for three to 12 months or longer, albeit at a cost. This service ensures you have ample time to inform everybody of your change of address – crucial for bills to avoid impacting your credit score or encountering debt collection issues.

Notify Your Utility Providers

Inform your current utility providers of your departure up to 28 days in advance. Provide them with your new details and moving date and take final meter readings on moving day to settle your final bills.

Allocate Time for Cleaning

Although maybe not your top priority, your buyers will appreciate your taking the time to clean before leaving. Hopefully, this consideration will be reciprocated by your own sellers.

Communicate with the Previous Owners

Avoid the hassle of moving into a new property and suddenly needing answers from the previous owners. Compile a list of questions about practical matters like bin collection days, warranties, or leftover paint for room touch-ups, and provide it to them to complete at their convenience.

Be Prepared

Moving day can be overwhelming. Ensure everything is labelled meticulously with both room and contents, so you can easily find essentials like teabags, coffee and the kettle or screws to reassemble furniture in your new home.

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